Why blogging is better than social media for earning money online

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"Your blog is yours, hosted and run by you and only you"

Everyone seems to be after passive income these days, there's no question. prices are going up by the day leaving many people looking for a way out.

Starting a business online is a very good place to earn passive income. Look at this with a genuine desire to create income though some hard work, not through some "get rich quick " scheme and you can definitely make this happen!

Social media, for what it's worth

Initially many people are attracted to using social media as the platform to build their online business. There's different reasons for this, however the main attraction to social media is mainly because everyone is on social media, people are comfortable with it, so in a sense it's the best place to start.

Can't blame you there ...

I'm all for social media but I DO NOT think it's the best way to build a sustainable business online.

Social media should be used to promote and bring attention to your website, it should not be the base of your business, trust me you need to have a "home base" setup ie a website, this is where your blog comes into play.

This is where a blog shines

This article will explain why blogging is better than social media for earning money online (in my humble opinion.)

Trying to build a business online that brings passive income without having the skill or the desire to build a website is kind of like building a house with a wrench and nothing else.

Trust me ... You need a blog!

What we will cover in this article 

What is a blog?

What is social media?

Pros and cons of blogging.

Pros and cons of social media.

How social media may HURT your online business.

Wrap up

Getting started, what is a blog? The short version

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The term "blog" comes from the the word "web log." Which is basically what it sounds like, a log of continuing content articles posted on a website.

Peter Merholz coined the phrase "BLOG" simply because web log is kinda boring.

So that's it, a blog is merely articles and content that is created by the owner and or hired writers.

Here's the kicker though .... The reason blogging can be so lucrative is due to the vast amount of people online, if you choose the right niche and do things right you will start to bring in traffic, this is how you make money!

By targeting a specific topic and earning a spot in the rankings of Google and other search engines a blogger can use their content to help people and market specific products and services within their niche.

This is where the money is made. For more in depth information on what a blog is and how it works check out my article using the link below.

>What is a blog and how does it work?

What is social media?

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Social media ....  The elephant in the room, allowing people to reach hundreds, even Millions of people from all around the world.

This platform (whichever one you use) is designed to allow people to post content, ideas, complaints, pictures, you name it. The main advantage of social media is it's easy and free.

Many people already have social media accounts before learning online marketing, this makes it an attractive place to start. If you already have a following the ball is in your court as you can begin to promote products immediately.

There a many social media platforms, all of which have different dynamics

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Linkedin
  • Snapchat
  • Tik Tok

What are the pros and cons of blogging and social media?

Now we have a general idea of what blogging and social media is. Lets talk about the pros and cons of using one or the other.

Blogging Pros:

  • The ability to promote whatever you want without worry of getting locked out
  • Your blog is an extension of you, your ideas and "feel"
  • Allows you to become an expert in your niche
  • Requires very little upfont costs to get started
  • Your blog is your piece of online real estate, it's yours and only yours. No facebook bans etc
  • It's fun! Yeah, it's very rewarding!

Blogging Cons:

  • Takes time to get rolling, it takes work!
  • Many people give up, it's hard to stay the course when results don't come right away
  • Can have a bigger learning curve
The main reason I say a blog is better than social media for earning money online is you own your blog, no one can pull the rug out over some "violation."

Social media pros:

  • Easy to get started right away
  • Can bring that first sale much faster
  • Requires much less work, less research and generally less "figuring it out"
  • We are on it anyway, might as well try to make a few bucks

Social media cons:

  • It's much easier to get distracted
  • You don't own the platform, they can pull your account at anytime for ANY reason
  • Is hard to sustain sales at times
  • There is a lot of competition

So why is blogging better than social media for earning money online?

Building a business takes time and a lot of effort, online or not. Imagine putting in hours and hours to start making some money online just to have your social account banned for some reason, many times you will never even know why.

This is the main reason blogging beats social media in my book, your blog is yours and yours alone. There is no risk of someone else shutting you down (unless of course you don't pay your hosting bill:)

Build your blog or website first, then incorporate social media

This is the best way to build up a business online, once you put the time into building your site and initial content you have a home base that serves as the medium to reach people and send your message.

How social media can HURT your online business

I'm gonna be straight to the point here, making money online requires work and time. Social media can take time away from you building the foundation your business needs.

How many times do we get on our social platform and get distracted by everything going on? You may launch one post promoting a product and then spend the next hour scrolling through worthless information!

I do it, you do it .... If you are serious about earning money online stay away from this trap! Take the time to build up your blog and get some great content made that speaks to your niche.

Eventually social media will have it's place, too many people however get too consumed by it and it becomes a time waster.

Wrapping it up

If you ask me why blogging is better than social media for earning money online the short simple answer is this ... You own your blog, you can lay a real foundation there that people in your niche will gravitate towards because it's loaded with real information that serves people what they want.

Social media does have a place, however you must play by there rules or risk losing all of your work in an instant.

Not to mention, there is massive competition within social media marketing, it's easy and that's the attraction.

Take the time and build a quality blog that you own and fully control, over time you will see what an advantage you have over the many just promoting products on Facebook or Twitter.

If you need help getting started sign up below and leave me a comment, I will be happy to get you rolling! Thanks for reading

Jerry P

Jerry P

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