7 Awesome things to blog about in 2022

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"Finding your next blog topic is like finding $50 bucks in the wash, when it clicks it's awesome!

It's 2022 and blogging is not going anywhere, millions of people are on the web everyday looking for information or just entertainment online.

What if there was some awesome blog topic that fit you like a glove?

Maybe it's your time to get started, take the plunge into the world of blogging and get rolling!

Here are 7 Awesome things to blog about in 2022

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#1 Space

We all know that space is the final frontier, in recent months the James Webb telescope has been flooding the internet with some pictures of space that will impress anyone that has eyes and can see.

The truth is, space will always be a hot topic to blog about when approached correctly, 2022 is a great time to break into this niche and start writing some great content around something that everyone alive has some interest in.

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Telescopes, planetary alignment, technology, and more just waiting to be written about.

#2 Heating a home with wood

Weird ... Here's the thing though, A LOT of people are feeling the crunch in 2022. People that never thought of heating their house with wood are doing it to save money.

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This is a great little niche to break into, people want to know the best wood burning practices, when to have their chimney cleaned, even some ways to get that firewood seasoned faster.

There are a lot of opportunities here, if you are a person that knows a thing or two about heating a house with firewood someone has a question you can answer!

#3 Natural weight loss

This is an evergreen niche that will never go out of style. If you have a few tips and tricks on how to lose a few pounds great!

If you have an all natural way that can help people reach their goals you have a perfectly awesome thing to blog about in 2022, or any year to be honest.

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As with anything related to health and fitness this will be a harder niche to break into, there is plenty of room for quality content that really helps people with their weight loss goals so never be scared to go for it!

#4 Gardening

This one is hot, hot, hot!

2022 has brought most of us back a few pegs, prices are WAY up and people are trying to eat better and cheaper.

What better way to eat better and save money is there compared to gardening?

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If you know your way around the garden it's time to start sharing that knowledge with the world.

You can easily cover a HUGE area in this niche, if you know how to grow and tend a great garden this is a blog idea that will bring you some great returns in 2022!

#5 Sleep health

Many people are stressed out more than ever in 2022, sleep has become so much more important that it has ever been as a result.

The best pillow, mattress, sheets, etc....

These are just a few of the topics a blog covering sleep health can cover.

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If you can help someone looking for the right product or routine you can totally hit it right in the sleep niche.

As a matter of fact, shoot me an email if you know any good tips to get some better sleep and relaxation!

#6 Beer and wine

Ahhh, beer and wine, what's not to love?

Craft beer is a hot trend that is not going away any time soon.

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If you know beer and wine 2022 is the time to get your website up and running.

You can cover different brews and wines, what foods they pair well with, and a million things more!

If you brew your own beer people will want to know how to get started and what products they need to get started right.

Cover this well, bringing people answers to get them started and you will most definitely build an audience!

#7 Crypto currency

From super bowl commercials to radio, crypto is something everyone seems to be talking about.

Have you made money trading crypto? Maybe this is a perfect thing for you to blog about.

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There are entire WordPress themes that cover crypto, this may just be your perfect blogging niche for 2022.

People widely do not know much about what crypto currency is, let alone invest in it.

Blog to bring these people the answers they need so they feel comfortable either investing or staying away!

Wrapping up 7 Awesome things to blog about in 2022

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I hope you enjoyed this list and found some ideas as to what you can blog about in 2022!

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Jerry P

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