The Power Of Putting In The Time : Understanding What It Takes

The Power Of Putting In The Time : Understanding What It Takes

Wealth is a fair creature indeed.

We all seem to be so obsessed with the chase for wealth, the bottom line? We all want more as humans, more money, more time, more happiness, more love….. On and On.

There is a price to be paid for more however...

Listen, I'm gonna be honest with you here. If you want to make more money and build wealth you will need to pay the price wealth demands.

In This Article I Want To Talk About mindset

Why it matters

Far too many people have lost sight of what they are capable of. It's the main reason many people fail to have what they want in life. This mentality is not only why many people are broke, but also why many are rich.

I am here to motivate you to drop the theory that everything is for someone that “got lucky” or “someone talented.” We are here to hustle at luminous And for this we need to get motivated.


Drop The Idea Of Impossible

Everything is possible to the person that is determined, a person with pure passion, drive, and determination is hard to slow down. The way you think can, AND WILL decide your fate.

I Want You To Succeed

This is not some “guru” post that will tell you that you are an unstoppable human that will stop at nothing to succeed. This is a “real post”, from a “real guy.” I get it…. It's not always easy to stay motivated.

Some days there is so much doubt….you question every move you make with your finances but just can seem to “feel” it. It's not long until you start to feel dragged down.

The main goal of this article is to show you that these “feelings” are never going to go away. Tough I know but it's the reality of the human situation.

Everyday Is Not Gonna Be Great…

That is the hard reality, this website is for everyone that wants to learn about making more money through a nice little side hustle. It is also for the person looking to build a million dollar business.

Here's a question…..” Do you think one of the above groups of people (based on overall goals) can just shut off any doubts that what they are trying to build is going to work?”

No one can… This is the key thing….


Understand and accept that feelings of doubt and fear are never going to go away, no one is free from these feelings. Successful people just keep going towards their goals unshaken….dragging all the negative crap behind them.

It's not that they don't have the same feelings, they just have “CONTROL” of how they react.

Putting In The Work Will Make The Difference!

Part of building a good business is having the right mindset going in. I would be doing a disservice if I just talked about the actual process of building up some extra wealth.

I owe it to you to tell you the truth about what it takes to build your ideal life.

Do you want to know a big difference between the successful and the not so successful?

Successful People Feel Doubt And Fear … Then They Keep Going

They KEEP PUSHING forward. It's not that they don't have the same doubts, fears, and stress. However, the successful people of the world stay the course anyway….. Dragging all of their mental crap with them. They have poise and control over procrastination and fear.

They accept the fact that they don't feel like waking up an hour earlier every morning to get things done. Then they DO IT!

They don't give their mind the control over goals.

“A successful person makes time to get things done.”

“A failure makes excuses for why things aren't done.”

The person that fails actually wastes more time making up stories in their own mind to justify not working towards a goal. Imagine that, you could have been one step closer using the same amount of energy.

Let that set in for a bit, we actually waste much more time doubting ourselves and holding back because of the way we look at things.

It's Time To Take Control…

The first step is getting a firm grasp on what your goals really are. Sit down and ask yourself some hard questions about your future…

  • Where do I want to be in 5 years?
  • Am I happy where I am now?
  • How can I make life better?

Decide on what you want and ACCEPT THE FACT THAT IT WILL TAKE WORK.

BE honest with yourself and realize that you have the power to make your goals a reality. The only thing that will stop you is lack of interest.

Lack of interest is why people give up. They simply lose that fire it takes to see things through, you lose this fire very easy when the work to income ratio is way in the “work” direction.

Understand This… Then Push On…



Accept the road, then drive it like there is an army of dream killers chasing you on motorcycles swinging chains and bats.

They want to pull you back, they tell you it's too hard, THEY RUN YOU.

Accept the fact you will never lose them…


You can do this, listen to the feelings you have in your mind and accept the facts. Stop trying to suppress or modify the feelings of “I'll do it later” or “I'm not smart enough.”

Understand that even the great billionaires of the world have had these exact thoughts…..

The difference is they didn't let their thoughts run the ship. They ran the ship.

I Hope To Inspire And Uplift You With This Post….

There are no reviews in this article. No side hustle idea. No investment advice.

This is just you and me. Remember this chat from time to time, use the site for ideas and products that can help you to get side hustling! On top of that feeling good overall !



Accept your occasional thoughts of uncertainty and fear as just what they are… Thoughts.

Put them in the right place in your mind and remember you are in charge.


Then Get Going !