Shareasale Affiliate Program Review

Shareasale Affiliate Program Review

Affiliate marketing is one of the best side hustles around hands down ….

You have researched your niche and spent some serious time to get the ball rolling …. You know a little about building a website, through either hard work …. or passive income training, you have to really turned this thing into something.

You are slowly building an ……….

Audience written in black marker





So What's Next?….

All the hard work is just beginning, now is the time to start signing up for affiliate programs so you can start making some money.

Listen …. The time to start finding affiliate marketing platforms will come sooner than later if you plan to monetize your content, there is no way around it …..

Love it or hate it, if you wanna make some jingle with an online side hustle affiliate marketing is one great option.

One of my favorite affiliate platforms is Shareasale. They are hands down one of the easiest to use, packed with features and TONS of merchants to promote, it's hard to beat.

Why Do I Use And Recommend Shareasale ? ….

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The Low Learning Curve !

When I started out I opened so many programs and setup a zillion passwords …. To be honest, all I did is swamp myself down with too much …. Too fast.

I ended up more confused than ever, I almost threw in the towel all together to be honest.

Affiliate marketing takes work and dedication. It can be very easy to simply give up, get burned out, or hit a wall.

My goal is to make sure you start out right …. Part of this is avoiding the issues complicated platforms can bring while you are getting started.



I encourage you to keep things simple. You have a MUCH bigger chance at success if you stay focused on one thing at a time.

Keeping It Simple Is Shareasale's Strong Suit …. It's also the reason I want to review this platform for you so you avoid the dreaded “affiliate burnout.”



LOOK I get it ….. You are most likely looking for a simplified real world review of the Shareasale Affiliate Program, I promise I won't be going over every sliver of the program.




Lets's Get Into A Real World Review ….

Simply put, Shareasale is an online platform that connects merchants with affiliates, (That's you and me) Merchants want more sales naturally, they have “affiliate programs ” that allow content creators, or “affiliates” to earn a commission for every sale they refer.

One of the older and reliable affiliate platforms around is called Shareasale.comThe word sale in big yellow letters in a store front window


Shareasale Information ….

Shareasale is located in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. The company was founded in 2000 by Brian Littleton.

Currently Shareasale has over 700,000 affiliates using …. And making money with their program. With a great reputation and track record …. It is indeed one of the most trusted and “aged” affiliate programs out there.

I have been using Shareasale for quite a while now …. There are things I really love about them and a few things that are kind of outdated, however the latter is over very minor “picky” things.

The Shareasale Affiliate Program Ease Of Use ….

Listen …. I can sit here all day and talk about every feature, bell, and whistle Shareasale offers ….. Instead, I want to dive into what you probably really want to know, the first stop is ease of use.

Shareasale is one of, if not the easiest affiliate marketing platform out there. I have always stated on Luminous Outlook that building any side hustle will take hard work and some serious dedication …. Especially an online side hustle.

There is plenty of training out there that can show you the foundation of building your website and starting to make money. There is a point however when you will need to put on some big pants and dive in.

At this point however you will still be new at this affiliate stuff …. Don't get me wrong here …. You can do it ….. However, you want to avoid confusing affiliate platforms like the plague at this point.

A quick note : If you are new to the online business world I suggest you check out my article to start with the absolute best training available …. ===> Click here to check it out.

When you do jump in and get rolling the platform you choose will sometimes make the difference between success and failure. Shareasale has a very smooth …. (Almost non-existent learning curve)

Let's Take A Peek ….

ShareASale home page

16,550 Merchants …. 225.000+ Publishers …. 182 Million sales generated in 2020

Those are some great numbers ….. It is your turn to get in on this great network !

Think about this for a second …. Almost 17,000 companies have their links and products here. That is a true statement of how trusted Shareasale actually is.

Signing Up To The Shareasale Affiliate Program ….

Let's go through the process of signing up and getting started with Shareasale ….

Start by going to the Shareasale home page …. Once you get there you are going to sign up as an AFFILIATE ……Shareasale affiliate sign up menu


Once you click here you will need to set up your account and input some basic information to get rolling.

Sweet … Now that we are all set up it's time to really dig in to this affiliate monster !

There are a ton of options and places to go once you log into your Shareasale dashboard. Many of these are important …. Some are not.

Accurate Data At A Glance ….

One thing that is really great about Shareasale is that the dashboard is so user-friendly and easy to navigate, the learning curve is very small.

Screenshot of the shareasale menu







As you can see above, the menu opens up a TON of options as far as reporting goes. This allows you to really get a complete overview of your products and how things are performing in general.

The one that I use most is the “today at a glance” option …. This shows you clicks and sales from all of your links. Along with “historical trend” and “monthly summary” What I really like about Shareasale is the simplistic layout and design of the menus and the overall “feel.”

I know I keep harping on the simple thing, however …. Keeping things simple is online business is the key to success!


Finding And Joining Merchant Programs ….

So I think we have covered how user friendly and complete Shareasale is, however this shareasale affiliate program review would not be complete until we acually sign up for one!

Let's take a look shall we?

The first step is to find the “merchants” tab in the top menu ….

A screen shot with an arrow pointing to a menu item on Shareasale


Once there you want to click on the “search for merchants” tab. This will open the merchant center, this is where you will be finding companies that have products to promote.

You can perform a search and even modify the search to suit what you need.

Let's see what comes up if we search “cooking” for instance ….


Three merchants found on shareasale screen shot









This is just a small screenshot of the hundreds of options that come up when “cooking” is put into the search bar.

One other thing I would like to note is the fact that many of the merchants you find and want to promote require you to apply. There is an option to select auto approval. This is a great option to get links started right away.

Do keep in mind that most of the programs require some time to check out your site and make sure your content is quality.

I Found One I Like ….

Ok, those words ran through your mind, now what?

In the screenshot above the first option caught my eye ….. The Great Wisconsin Steak Company, what can I say I love steak. For the record here you may want to click the link if you like a great cut of steak …. Just sayin'

If I research the company and decide it is of good quality and I want to promote it (which I have done for this company) its time to join the program.


screenshot of the join program tab with an arrow on join program

This is a simple as clicking the “join program” button.

One quick note: Be sure to do your research on the payouts and terms of the particular company.

Screenshot showing status approved in Shareasale









Alright! we are approved, simple as that.

All that is left to do is grab your link or banner and place it on your website or anywhere else you want to promote your company.

Shareasale Will Now Handle The Rest! ….

Once you get your link or banner published you can track clicks and conversions right in the dashboard. One of the great things available to you as well is the “make a page” feature.

You can use this to import products and make a complete sales page to post on your website. This is one thing that really separates Shareasale from the competition.

From here you can promote steak knives or anything related to your promoted links through a generated sales page.

Is Shareasale Legit?

In one word ….. Absolutely, Shareasale is legit …. It is also one of the best options to get your feet wet with affiliate marketing. They pay out without issue, plus they keep all merchants in line, there is no other affiliate marketing platform that checks so many boxes for the beginner.

You can learn how to make passive income from home here, once you get up and running , Shareasale is one of the best places to start.

Wrapping it up …..

I highly recommend Shareasale for affiliate marketing, there is no other platform that offers ease of use along with quality merchants and reporting like they do. I hope this shareasale affiliate review gave you some good insight into Shareasale and what it can offer you.

You can do this! If you are looking for a side hustle that can bring you passive money each and every month, now is the time …. ====> This is the place to start <==== I encourage you to give Shareasale a try when the time comes to get started with monetization of your content.


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