Make money writing blogs: How to get started on the right foot

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"Blogging is fun ... But making money with your blog? Even more fun!"

Are you looking to make money writing blogs?

Anyone that starts a blog eventually hits a point where they start to wonder how to make some extra cash through it.

In this article I will show you some pro tips that will get you new blog started off right, or refurbish an existing blog to start making money.

I'm going to show you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started right.

No "get rich quick"

No "secret tricks"

No BS ...

Just real world strategy that works.

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Blogging takes work in large letters -

That's the truth of the matter.

Dude, I get it ... You have probably read a million blog posts by now that show you "secrets" ...

"Secrets" that show you how to make your "first $500 bucks online in 24 hours."

Problem is 99% ... if not 100% of these "quick rich" sites are garbage, period.

"Get-rich-quick" does not exist.

It simply does not work that way, it takes hard work to run a blog.

Don't buy into the crap that you can work a few hours a day and live the freedom lifestyle in a few days

Here's the truth ... I know you can make money online, even A LOT of money. The fact is however, it will take some work to achieve.

I'm not gonna sit here and type out pipe dreams that claim "overnight success" on my website.

If you feel that I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm not selling you the "get rich quick" garbage found everywhere online feel free to move on to that "guru" you found on YouTube. 

Are you ready to learn the reality of making cash with a blog?

Do you want to know the realistic way to create and run a business online?

Great, I have the real and effective lowdown for YOU ... If you listen to these strategies and tips you can realistically start making some cash within 6 months or so.

Can it happen sooner? = Yes

Can it happen later? = Yes

The realistic answer is 6 months of consistent hard work, plus strategy put into your blog. This is where you start to see big breakthroughs.

That's when we can start to see traffic and conversions within our blog.

Hold off on making money, for now...

Wait ... What?

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Did I really just tell you to wait on making money?

Yeah, I did ..... Why the hell would I say such a thing!

Good strategy now, more money later

Listen friend, I don't care what anyone says, if you want to make money online you need to plan your strategy before doing anything else.

Sure there's a lot of people that will tell you I don't know what I'm talking about.

These same people teach the same old montage of  ...Write articles and place ads, use affiliate links wherever you can.

There is some truth to this, you can go this route and maybe make a few bucks here and there, however I DON'T RECOMMEND doing this.

We are here to build quality blog businesses that stand the test of time.

"This takes time and discipline to accomplish."

The reason I recommend holding off on monetizing ... For now

When you are just getting your blog rolling you should be focused on one thing, and one thing only ....

Creating content, quality content that will get ranked in Google and start bringing in traffic!

Here's the deal, not all of the content you create will be ranked high enough in Google to bring in traffic, at least for a while.

Sometimes never.

Improving older articles and even deleting some "dead" articles from the blog can actually improve your rankings a good amount.

I will definitely be covering that in a later post so be sure to subscribe!

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No spam, no ridiculous claims, just good blogging advice.

OK let's move forward.

This is where we need to think strategy.

Instead of wasting a ton of time getting links and promoting everything under the sun focus on getting your work out there!

Don't waste too much time with monetization before you have a good view of what your audience likes and doesn't like.

Once you see which articles are gaining traffic you know adding links and promotion is going to bring results.

Not all of your articles will rank high in search, this is just a part of the game. Spending too much time placing links in articles that may not see traffic is time wasted, plus too many links, especially at the start of a blog can hurt your ability to rank high.

Focus on getting traffic first

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You need to build a blog on a good foundation before you can just start throwing ads everywhere.

Trust me, a blog is like any other business you need to build it up slowly and methodically before you start to see real revenue.

Why am I telling you this?

I've tried to rush this process more than once before.

Yup, I just wrote a few articles and added all kinds of links and banners, thinking I was going to start making money quick.

Focusing on money first takes SO MUCH time away from creating your core content.

Time better spent building authority within your niche.

"Sure you may grab a quick sale here and there, this is not building a sustainable and successful business however."

How to prepare for monetizing your blog correctly

While you are creating your "core content" it's important to have the products you wish to promote in the back of your mind.

If you come at this with strategy from the beginning things really fall into place nicely.

For the sake of this article I will be focusing more on affiliate marketing as our money strategy.

Affiliate marketing, for those who may not know; is promoting a companies product to help them get sales.

When they make a sale you get a commision, that's the really simple version.

Want to learn more about affiliate marketing?

Start out by choosing 2 or 3 products that are GOOD QUALITY!

Don't forget, we are building a business here. Recommend crap to people and it won't take long for it to crumble.

"Take the time and try the products, learn what they can do and how they can help your audience."
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We have our products, now what?

Marketing in Colorful Alphabets -
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Placing banners and links on your blog is not all that hard, the hard part is getting people to your content, this takes high quality content and promotion of it to achieve.

The game changer

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my blogging journey is when I stopped and realized that all of my articles need to be linked and "connected" in one form or another.

Google loves a blog that flows nicely.

"While you are creating content you should always be writing with intent in one form or another."
Screen shot of a video "writing with intent" -

My friends over at Wealthy Affiliate are awesome at explaining writing with intent, click the video above to check out some great information from Kyle, co owner of WA and a online master!

Writing with intent is just the start of it, once you have your products selected make sure you write great articles that show the pros and cons of what you are promoting.

While writing content you can use these "cornerstone" pages to link to from your articles. This gives your audience a clear road to more information on your products. 

The goal is to create a spider web that stretches internally in your blog. You may have noticed some of my posts have links to my "about" page or another page within my website.

This is great for SEO and it creates a user experience that is enjoyable.

Don't over do it

Too many external links, (links to products) is not a good thing.

Cell phone with the word "link" on the screen -

Google will see your site as "spammy" and you will lose rankings because of it.

Think "FLOW" while you are creating content, focus on having one page link to another in a fluid manner that can eventually lead to your product review page.

The 3 best ways to start monetizing your blog ...

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing written on a dry erase board -

This is one of the best ways to make money online, this is my main bread and butter.

Getting started is easy, follow my advice and build a audience first, then be sure to promote quality products through reviews and how to articles and content.

Show people how do do things and answer their questions.

I have a great recommendation, check it out right now if you are interested in learning everything there is to know about affiliate marketing.

I'm a long time member and I recommend Wealthy Affiliate highly, you can start a website FOR free in under 30 seconds RIGHT NOW!

Click below.

Selling your physical product

People conducting an e commerce sale through computer screens, -

This is a little more challenging to get off the ground but it can be very lucrative. It is exactly how it sounds, make your own product and sell it via your blog.

This has a bit more work involved, however you can really promote and focus on your products and only your products to build a brand that grows.

Ads (Adsense)

Woman holding a sign that says "please turn off your ad blocker" -

Probably the easiest place to start dipping into the world of making money writing blogs, adsense.

Once your blog hits the point when you have some well written articles you can apply for Google Adsense.

After your site gets approved you can run ads on the site and get paid when people click these ads.

This can make you some money but typically you need some pretty heavy traffic to really profit.

Wrapping up how to make money writing blogs

I hope this article gave you a better understanding of how to start off right when trying to make money blogging.

The main advice from this is ...

Create good content first, then add in your affiliate offers etc, later on after you have built up some trust and authority.


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