Is Cyberghost A Good VPN? : Why You Need A VPN Now!

Is Cyberghost A Good VPN? : Why You Need A VPN Now!

Is Cyberghost a good VPN?

What the hell is a VPN anyways?

mobile phone that says vpn protected

Should I use a VPN?

These are the questions I want to answer for you in this article.

Let's first start with a quick chat…Shall we?

Everyone Is Online… No Big News Here!

The online world is full of great ideas, software, and people from all over the world. You can buy things, talk with friends, pay bills…. Even start a successful business online. Just about anything can be done online these days.

Yup just millions of good ole' honest people going about life online on their way to fields of poppies and rainbows everyday right?


Hell …..NO!

I think you will agree that with the good comes the bad.

Scams, tracking, and overall internet scum that preys on people's information to make a quick buck are everywhere.


Even Your Internet Provider Stores Your Information!

Here's the deal… Information is valuable, people want to know what you do online so they can either make money or steal from you… Sometimes.

This is not always the case as there are tons of people online that have a real passion for what they do. People that truly help through some sort of medium. That's what this website's main goal is… And will always be.

I don't want to come across like the internet is a total danger zone, just be aware that there are good and bad things there….. What am I saying, I'm sure you already know that. Let's move forward.


Online Business Takes A Ton Of Work, Trial And Error, And Dedication.

Here's the thing… Anyone can build a website in about 30 seconds. Don't believe me? Read my article here and see yourself.

When you build an online business that you have put hours and hours of your blood sweat and tears into however, the stakes change. Using nothing but pure determination is what gets you that foot in the door. If we are going to build or side hustle up online we need to protect what we are building with top quality hosting and good security.

Imagine you are working day after day on your website side hustle, you are starting to build a great foundation and things are coming along nicely.

You have a day off so you head to your favorite coffee shop to get some work done. You ask what the WiFi password is and get to work….

No big deal right?


Imagine You Wake Up The Next Day And Your Work Is Gone?

This is a scary thought, however it can happen. Make no mistake with this article though, I'm not here to tell you the net is the boogie man and you will lose everything you ever worked for if you don't use a VPN.

I just want to make you aware of what a VPN is and which one I use at the moment, if you think you need a VPN after reading this don't wait…. A VPN is very cheap insurance!

woman holding a tablet showing a VPN

So What Is A VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”

This is just as it sounds, a VPN connects you online through a “tunnel” so to speak. You are accessing a server that can be located anywhere, hence, you will be using the IP address of that server's location.

This protects you and your data, making your online activity virtually impossible to track. DO NOT get me wrong here however, no VPN is bullet proof, but they are damn close.

In this article I want to give you the good and bad of the VPN I use. Plus I want to tell you why I may be changing to a different VPN so stay tuned.

I can get into more of what a VPN is and how it works in a later article, comment below and let me know if I should start working' on it !


Cyberghost : The VPN I Use Now…

Cyberghost is a very respected and well rated VPN service. They provide a multitude of server's throughout the world. They also have decent pricing, however it is a little higher than some of the other VPNs available.



Here Is A Look At Their Pricing…

cyber ghost pricing chart

Here is the front page of the choices available, as you can see, VPN protection really isn't too expensive for what it gets you. However, is there a better deal out there ? …..Maybe

First Let's Take A Look At Exactly What A VPN Service Will Do For You…

#1 Mask your IP address

Having a VPN means that your IP address is masked from your actual IP, this is key to prevent your internet service provider from being able to see your browsing activity. Like I stated above, especially when you are in that coffee shop where you are not the person paying for the internet service you are using.

#2 Protect Your Privacy

Did you know that many ISP's sell your personal browsing information? Yup that's right, they sell the information to marketers and advertisers so they can target you as a specific audience for certain products. Your ISP will never see your browsing with a VPN, they just see the connection to the server… That's enough for me to get one right there!

3# Raises Your Security Ten Fold

hands reaching out of a keyboard

When you are purchasing products online or just putting in your information online there is always a chance that someone can intercept and steal this information.

Especially on a public WiFi ! network! I can't stress this enough…



Cyberghost Is A Great Choice Of VPN…. However….

I have had some issues lately with connectivity, I'm not sure if it's the server's or what, but I just seem to have problems with speed and reliability. Maybe it's me, maybe not.

Sometimes I can log on and get right to work on my projects, other times I have some major issues with speed and reliability. My point here isn't to bash Cyberghost, of course when you use a VPN you need to access an outside server very far away.

This indeed slow things down….

My thing here is…. Can we get the same or better service for much less….. And have a multitude of other services on the same platform?

FastVPN - just $1/mo!

Ahh, now we are talking… I'm gonna be real with you here, when you start building a website there is a ton to learn and remember.

You know how many damn passwords I have forgotten! This is one big reason why I am looking to switch…. Consolidation.

I'm not here to bash Cyberghost one bit, in fact I do like them, however when it comes to a VPN I want something simple and quick. Cyberghost is loaded with server's and options, so much so that I started to wonder if I am paying for more than I need?

So much so that I started looking for other options.

One great option that I kept running into in my search was offered through the company Namecheap. One of my favorite companies for my online side hustles!

Anyone that knows me knows that I like Namecheap quite a bit, just about anytime I need to buy a domain that's the place I go. Their dashboard is easy to navigate and the products are top-notch…. All at great pricing and customer service.

I started to venture down the path of Namecheap for my VPN.

What I Like About Namecheap…

I like Namecheap… They just have it down, a good feel and good pricing. Customer service is fantastic and I love having a large chunk of the things my websites need in one place. 4

Let's Take A Look At What Namecheap Offers For VPN's

  • Hide your IP address
  • Enjoy “no logs” browsing
  • Work from anywhere securely
  • Unblock restricted sites
  • Get unlimited bandwidth
  • 24/7 customer support

That's a bit of stuff, and to be quite honest Cyberghost offers the same, if not a little more in terms of features.

Do You Really Need All That?

That's the question I started to ask myself, I mean I'm a pretty simple guy, I don't have anything going on that I need to hide. I simply want to keep all the work I put in to building my websites safe.

Safe from hackers and nasty people that would love to erase my work while laughing because they also snagged my credit card info.

You feel me?

That's why I am switching from Cyberghost, I just don't like the platform and the service anymore. Half the time when I open my laptop I need to hit “disconnect” and “reconnect” on a few different server options just to get online.

In my opinion for the price payed there should be an easier platform that performs better.

Namecheap is it….

They offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Plus over 1000 servers all over the world you can access.

All for less, at the promotional rate offered you can set up a VPN on multiple devices in seconds…. All for less than Cyberghost.

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What's The Final Word?

Is Cyberghost a good vpn? yes. I do feel however that the issues with speed and the higher price make it less attractive when I can get the same safe, quality VPN for much less.

Namecheap knocks it out of the park with all of their services and this one is no different.

My vote is for Namecheap VPN!

One last note…

Like Namecheap…. Like Cyberghost, the bottom line is you need to get some sort of VPN… Especially if you travel and use public networks.

For the price payed it simply is FOOLISH to not have one of these setups.

I care about my readers. I care about you! Take my advice on this and click below to get more a more secure, and safer online experience today! All at the best price.

FastVPN - just $1/mo!