Is A Side Hustle The New Job Security? Why A Side Hustle Is A Good Idea

Is A Side Hustle The New Job Security? Why A Side Hustle Is A Good Idea

We certainly live in some strange times these days don't we?

Prices are up….Very long food receipt

Jobs are lost quicker than ever before due to various circumstances.

The everyday full time jobs many of us have just don't seem to cut it anymore. We work away, day after day…. Then count on someone to hand us a paycheck every week so we can eat and have a place to call home.

Think For A Second If That Job Was Gone Tomorrow…

The everyday grind of long work days and stress weighs heavy on the mind… That's bad enough, however……

There is nothing worse than working a 50-hour plus work week and struggling to pay the cable bill.

Even worse, many people are losing their jobs due to big companies “trimming The fat” and dropping expenses…..

On top if that there are many jobs that are being replaced by robots and computers.

So let me ask you a question…..

Is A Side Hustle The New Job Security?

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Well Is It? …

The Answer? = You bet your @#& !


Think about this for a second… The time you spend doing things that are not productive can be directed into building up a side hustle that can bring you extra cash…. Every month! The only limit really, is how far you want to go. A Good Side Hustle Is A Huge Advantage!


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You Are In Control…

Many people do not want to commit the time…. Plus take the risk of quitting their job to start a full time business. A ton of people have good jobs and are getting along nicely, that's awesome!

If they lost those jobs today however…they would be in some serious trouble.

The bottom line here is this…. Millions of people are not ready for a financial emergency!

I'm not here to talk about saving or building an emergency fund in this article too much, however I do want you to understand one key point….



A Side Hustle Can Be SECURITY!

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Your side hustle can help you in a time when you hit the unexpected at work.

Whether you get laid off, or fired etc… A good side hustle will keep you a float.

Listen…. Chances are, (and I hope I'm correct) you are not going to lose your job tomorrow, or have a major event happen in your life

However, these things DO HAPPEN. This is why it is very important to have a plan B.

My “plan – B” is building up an online business.

You can control the “bleeding” of cash long enough to get back on your feet with a good side hustle. This side hustle can literally can be your “job Security”



Would I say That A Side Hustle Can Replace An Emergency Fund?
I Would Say Absolutely not….. Make no mistake however….



A side hustle is security…. When setup and run properly you can have the best of both worlds. A side hustle allows you to keep your current job while slowly building up your income.

It's time to take the first steps and secure your future….


What is better than running your own ship? On your own terms?

Sure there is going to be some massive work ahead to get it going… So what? There are so many ways to make extra cash these days.

Why not give one a shot?

In my humble opinion having a side hustle “is job security to the highest order. Whether you are building a money making website or just fixing cars on the side, it does not matter… A side hustle is the new job security!

Knowing that you can survive and stay afloat on your own if you were to lose your job tomorrow is enough for me to put everything I have left to invest at the end of the month into building up my side hustle.

After all that's what Luminous Outlook is all about. Building up a foundation that you can rest on if the road throws some unexpected things your way…ie losing your job!

There Is No Job Security Anymore…

Technology is evolving every day, people are pushing further and further into the future…..

With this comes many opportunities to make more money and show your skills.

On the other hand however there's a ton of competition out there along with companies that are cutting back and eliminating positions. The fact of the matter is there are no certain guarantees when you work for someone else. Anything can happen.

Having a side business will grant you the opportunity to make passive income…. All at the pace you want to.

There are some months when I need some more cash than others, with my side hustles i just turn up the heat and find some work….. Two or three jobs and I have that extra boost I needed.

What's coming up in your life?

  • Vacation?
  • Holiday?
  • Family trip?
  • Car in the shop?
  • Fridge on the fritz?

These are perfect times when having that extra cash could make the difference between a good and bad outcome. I want to encourage you to find a passion and use it to create a side hustle…. Better yet, a full on business that lets you quit your job altogether and work for yourself.

There Is No Time Like Right Now….

There never has been…..There never will be.

You're thinking about starting something I can tell… Am I right??

How can you not be thinking about making some extra cash by starting that business? You are here reading this article are you not?

The truth is simple…. There is no time like right now.

Today is the day to commit…. Not tomorrow or a week from now. RIGHT NOW!

Push yourself and find that perfect side hustle that makes the annoying stress of money problems go away. It will be work of course… Anyone that reads my blog knows I am upfront about that.

There are no gimmicks or short cuts to a successful passive income

I want to help as many people as I can take the leap and go after their goals. Luminous Outlook is made for people like you and me, the people that always have an eye out for a good honest opportunity to make some extra cash.

At The End Of The Day… There Is No Such Thing As Perfect Job Security

Build your own security and start that side hustle…… Yesterday!