5 Easy Mistakes To Avoid When You Pick A Domain Name

5 Easy Mistakes To Avoid When You Pick A Domain Name

The stage is set, you've decided it's time to start very own website. You know what niche you want to target and you have committed. It's time for pulling out all the stops, doing whatever it takes to meet your goals, it's Time To Pick A Domain Name …

This is one of the first steps you need to take when starting out your website. After all this blog is going to be your work, and a lot of it.

A name tag on a mug

You need to Pick A Domain Name For this baby!

Sounds simple enough, just pick a name you like and see if its available right?…

Well yes and no, there are a few things to avoid when you pick a domain name.

Avoiding these mistakes will save you some grief later on down the road.

In this article I will show you 5 mistakes that many new bloggers make when they pick a domain name for their site.

I'll also show you a few ways to find the domain that is just right.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When You Pick Your Domain Name …

> Not Using A .COM Suffix

This one is not as prevalent as it was in the older days of the internet. Call me old school but I still hold true to the fact that a .com suffix is more professional.

.Com gets the most trust out of any other suffix out there.

Unless you are in a country, such as the UK, where UK is the best way to go, I would try to get your domain on a .com.

It's just what people are used to seeing and trusting more.

.com in fun writing

If the domain you are dead set on getting is not available on a .com, .org is the next best option.

This is not the end of the world if you do choose a different suffix than these, just keep in mind that Google and people for the most part do trust the .com over all others.

> Using Hyphens Or Numbers

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Many times hyphens or numbers inside of a domain name will set off red flags for Google and people online alike. These types of domains are usually associated with lower quality or “shady” websites.

Take this example :

  • learn-&-buildblogs.co
  • learnandbuildblogs.com

Do you see the difference between the two examples listed? I just took this from the top of my head, I don't know about you but the bottom example is MUCH better looking in terms of trustworthiness.

If you had these in front of you the .com would almost be sure to get more clicks.

 > Making it Too Longggggg……

When you start to create content and posts, the permalink structure and meta description looks nice and professional when your site's title is in it.

The issue with having a domain that's way too long is it takes up a bunch of precious
space that could be used for SEO purposes and description that get people to click on your posts.

We live in a fast world, people want quick and snappy results. If you have a super long domain people will tend to avoid coming back to your site if they need to type in a long domain.


The best domains are short and sweet, try to keep it under 20 letters for best results.

Again, not the end of the world if not … However shorter is better.

> Rushing To Make A Choice

This one should be pretty obvious but it happens. As a matter of fact I have done this more than a few times over the years.

I would get a idea and run over to buy up the domain if it's available without having a real plan in place for what I was going to do with it !

The end result is having a ton of domains that you are never going to use. The wasted time and money could be spent somewhere much more productive.

> Worrying About Your Domain Being An Exact Keyword

This is one that many people get stressed about, they think the keyword needs to be an exact keyword that will shoot their site up to the top of the search engines.


This is simply not the case, your quality of work and the content you create will determine your fate online.

Focusing too long to find a “perfect”domain that has to be a exact match keyword was a trick in the days of old used by shady sites using “black hat techniques”

Pick A Domain Name That Is Yours …

This article has run over some quick things to avoid when you pick a domain name, so what are some things you should be doing when deciding?

Remember that the domain name you pick is yours, this will be your brand and your presence online. You want to always remember this going forward.

Changing your domain name after the fact can be done … However it can destroy your rankings if you have any established. I did this once with one of my first websites and it was a disaster for a while until the dust settled.

It's better to pick the right one that fits you, your style, your brand, and stick with it.

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Wrapping Up …

I hope this article has you well on your way to finding an awesome domain for your website. This is a great time!

When you pick a domain name, you really start to feel like you are getting your own business started!

Have fun with this and don't overthink it too much, you have too much work to do if you want to have a successful website built. Getting stuck in what I call “analysis overload” is going to eat up way too much time you should be spending building your website.