How To Do Keyword Research - Tips To Get Started Now!

How To Do Keyword Research - Tips To Get Started Now!

Whether you are a beginner, or a more experienced blogger you just can't escape the fact that you need to know how to do keyword research.

Keywords are the structure your website is built around. If you don't know how to do keyword research properly, you are going to be drifting with the tide in online business.

In this article I'll show you how to do keyword research quickly so you can get the ball rolling for your website fast.

Knowing How To Do Keyword Research Is Gold!

Stacj of gold bars

As soon as you earn consistent traffic through writing good quality posts and targeting good keywords, your blog gains the potential to make real money. ====>

Trust me, this research is something that you really want to get good at if you are serious about making money with a blog.

Keywords are king written in stone

The one thing you never want to do is overlook the importance of keywords.

Why Is This So Important?

All the keyword research tips in the world will amount to nothing if you don't actually sit down and apply them !

If you want to get blog traffic, you need to spend some time searching for words that are being searched for enough in the search engines.

women working on a laptop

My goal in this article is to show you some techniques and tools that will accelerate your progress and keep you chock-full of new and fresh content ideas.

Use these keyword research tips to start growing a killer list of ideas for your website!

Let's dive right in …

How To Do Keyword Research? Use Google First …

One way to get a great keyword idea to create content around is “the “google instant” technique.

This is an awesome way to gain new ideas and expand your target keywords very quickly.

Here's the deal … Google is constantly evolving and trying to make the user experience better and better.

People tend to forget (myself included sometimes) that Google is still a business. A business that needs to stay on top by providing the best service to it's customer.

Google screen under magnifier

Google wants to know if you search a term online using their browser, you will get the most targeted results available online, PERIOD !

Their algorithm is constantly combing through billions and billions of blocks of data and putting it into it's place.

This is referred to as “ranking.” Once you understand this you begin to see why a great keyword attached to a great blog post is not only good for us as bloggers, it's good for the overall usefulness of the internet !

How Google Instant Can Help You …

Have you noticed when you start to type a search term into Google it “auto fills” with the term you were thinking of?

Sometimes it can be a little scary, however that's what good old uncle Google knows people are searching for using your base keyword.

An Example …

Let's say your blog is about space and you have been thinking of writing a post on telescopes.

The first place to start is Google instant … Simply punch in the word telescope and see what people are looking for !

google screen shot for the term telescope

Now we are cookin' with gas! …. We have a start, remember you can add more to the term and keep going with this process until you find a few good terms that resonate with you.

Use The “Alphabet Soup Technique”

This is a great trick that I learned from Wealthy Affiliate … All you do is type in your main keyword and then run through the alphabet A-Z, you will be amazed at what comes up!

Next let's just write them down and bring them over to the keyword research tool so we can really narrow down whether this term is worth writing about.

Check out the video below to see alphabet soup in action! This one video alone will show you some seriously awesome ways to come up with new ideas for your website.

Video screen shot of the alphabet soup technique
man making angry face at computer screen

Hopefully after watching Kyle in action you have a good grasp on using Google to give your base ideas all kinds of variations.

I remember when I watched that video going through my wealthy affiliate training I was blown away. Such a simple trick BLEW THE DOOR OF IDEAS OPEN ! ====>

The Real Research Begins! … Let's See The Numbers!

I'm a big fan of the keyword tool Jaxxy, this is the tool that I use every day to find my keywords. Check out my full review of Jaxxy and all of its awesome features using this link.

Whether you choose Jaxxy or another keyword tool, find one that works for you. For this and all of my articles I will be using Jaxxy because I feel like it's the most complete and well rounded tool out there.

Plus, Jaxxy is very user friendly … For someone that is just learning how to do keyword research ease of use is essential.

Let's jump right in to Jaxxy, and narrow down our next article on telescopes !


Now It's Time To Create !

man typing on a laptop

With Jaxxy we have narrowed down a great keyword that gets enough traffic, doesn't have too much competition, and makes for a really great post.

One thing to take away from these keyword research tips is that on the other side there is a real person that is looking for quality and value.

Getting too caught up in the numbers and research will make your writing seem robotic in nature, this will turn people off, plus result in a ton of time wasted.

Always focus on bringing value to your readers, if a keyword looks awesome by the numbers but makes no grammatical sense, or can't be used without forcing it … Skip it and move on.

It's far better to use a word that will get less traffic but makes a great article, rather than write an article, just to try to get traffic anyway you can.

Ready To Start Building Your Next Idea? Give Jaxxy A shot Below!

Where To From Here?

Now that we know exactly how to start building out a keyword list, we should be quite busy writing articles and creating content.

It does not matter if you are a seasoned blogger, or just starting to build your first website, creating content is the most important thing to focus on.

Writer's block can creep in on us from time to time, (at least for me 😉 so my last quick tip is simple.

Take ideas off of every keyword and branch out. I like to call it the “keyword driven framework approach”

Think of your blog's homepage as a base or foundation, all of your articles or posts are the frame that sits on top of this strong foundation.

Once you start to look at things this way it's easy to get new fresh ideas for articles.

Beautiful trees

Branch out from every article

Imagine you have used the keyword “best telescopes for kids” and gone over the best options etc for your audience. You have brought your readers value and they now have a much clearer idea of which telescope to buy their little one.

Now is the time to think about what's next, if your reader orders little Timmy the Mega galaxy 1000 because you told him it was the best. Where do you think he is going to look if little Timmy has no idea how to find his favorite planet Saturn?

You guessed it … YOUR BLOG!

screen shot of the search how to find Saturn in Jaxxy

56 Average traffic for that exact keyword !

Want to keep going? Here are some terms to think about checking on Jaxxy …

  • How big is Saturn
  • What is Saturn made of?
  • How far away is Saturn?
  • How long does a year last on Saturn?

Do you see how this can really snowball into an awesome blog for someone into space and the planets?

Using Google, alphabet soup, and Jaxxy … There is no reason to ever run out of topics to write about on your website!

Wrapping Up …

I hope this article gave you some useful keyword research tips that will take your blog up a notch.

Over time using this strategy, you will begin to have a great assortment of quality articles for your niche. Keep using these tips and build up a list of content ideas so you can focus on creating every chance you get.

I highly encourage you to try out Jaxxy, they have a free trial where you get 30 free searches to get started right away …. Check that out here.

Feel free to comment below with any questions or tips of your own!

Get out there and start finding some awesome ideas !

Until next time … Jerry