How To Build A New Website - 3 Main Foundations You Need

How To Build A New Website - 3 Main Foundations You Need

Building a new website isn't nearly as hard as it sounds. In this article I will show you three things you need to build a new website that can become the base of your online side hustle!

Let's jump right in to the things every website needs …

1. A Domain

A domain name is simply your website's URL, basically the name of your business if you are looking to make money with your site.

As an example the domain for my website is Luminous, the full URL is …

A list of how to choose a domain name

When you choose your site's domain name you want to keep it somewhat short and memorable, you will be building a “brand” around this name. Once you have decided your niche, or what your site will be about it can be pretty easy to come up with a cool name that speaks to your future audience.

Luminous Outlook to me means bright outlook on things to come, because this site revolves around helping you build a passive income stream online … I thought “bright outlook” on your financial future made sense.

How To Build A New Website On Solid Ground…

2. Hosting

Once you have found the perfect domain name for your website the next step is to find a good quality host. You can read my full review of the two hosts I use for all of my websites >HERE<

Your web host will be the service that actually stores all the files that make up your website, there is many to choose from. Quality is a big player here, you need to make sure that all of your hard work is not lost due to a cheap hosting platform.

In the beginning there is a lot of trial and error, the last thing you want to do is get into a situation where you need professional and adequate customer service to repair a bug on your website. If this does happen, you will need your host to provide this, DON'T GO CHEAP ON HOSTING!

3. (CMS) Content Management System

Your content management system is the platform where you will be logging in to the “back end” of your website. I have to be totally honest here, is the absolute best. The majority of websites that are online are in fact using

wordpress logo

You may notice how I refer to WordPress.ORG every time, this is for good reason. There are two different ways to go about using WordPress …..COM and.ORG.

The .com version of WordPress offers free domains and a website hosted on their servers, this is cool for a website that may be a hobby, however the way to go if you are trying to build an online business

When you build your website on the self hosted platform, you own your website and you can do whatever you want with it. With the version of WordPress you never actually own your website.

Do not miss this, if you want to start a website to build a business you need to do it on a self hosted site using!

The 3 Items Listed Above Are What Every Website Needs .. Let's break some of these down a bit.

Getting Your Website's Domain Secured …

When you are ready to get the ball rolling, it's time to choose a domain name. There are many options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a domain name.

Generally there are two main options to go with …

Option 1: You find and purchase your domain name with your hosting provider. This is the quickest and easiest option when getting your domain. The reason for this is when you purchase the domain it will be pointed to your site automatically.

There will be no need to point the name servers to the proper location.

Option 2: The second option is to purchase your domain from a separate company and then point the servers to the proper location. This is the option I use, once you learn how to point DNS servers it is quite simple.

The company I use for all of my domains is Namecheap. Namecheap is the best in my book by far for purchasing domains and many other items as well.

The main advantage of using namecheap is they give you free domain privacy forever, plus they are much cheaper in the long run. For the 5 minutes it takes to point the DNS it's well worth it.

Don't worry if you are new to DNS and changing the name servers, I will be covering this and much more with an in depth video covering this article.

Choosing Your Web Host …

When you choose a web host you want good quality and support. There are many things to learn and do when building out your first website, there will be technical things that you will need some support with from your host. Make sure they will provide it!

I have used a few different hosts over the years, the two that I use are Siteground and Wealthy Affiliate.

Anyone that has read my content knows that I use and recommend Wealthy Affiliate. The beauty of using WA is that everything is in one place … Training, hosting, support, WordPress, etc.

If you want to see everything WA has to offer, sign up for a free starter account today and join me in their awesome training platform.

You can read my full review of everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, plus sign up for a free starter account here. Signing up through my link will get you exclusive tips and resources. I will even contact you within the platform to help you get settled in!

For the beginner Wealthy Affiliate is by far the way to go. On the other hand Siteground is the host I use for some older and more seasoned projects. There is a lot more hands on for the experienced user with Siteground, the speed and quality of Siteground is top-notch. I recommend WA to get started, after you have a good handle on websites and development you may want to switch to Siteground.

Both Wealthy Affiliate and Siteground are top-notch, fast and reliable.

Installing WordPress … is a free platform for anyone to use that has a self hosted domain. The great news here is both Wealthy Affiliate and Siteground will install WordPress for you with just a click. Just about every host out there these days has a one click install.

This makes things easy to get the ball rolling. Once you get your domain name setup you just simply click and start your new website!

Wrapping Up

The 3 things listed in this article are the first steps to cover when you are learning how to build a website.

Once you have these key foundations in place the real fun starts.