How To Build A Blog Using The Keyword Driven Framework Approach

How To Build A Blog Using The Keyword Driven Framework Approach

Stressed girl using a laptop biting a pencilWhat is a keyword?

What is keyword research?

Why are some valuable while others aren't?


These are all questions people realize they need to know the answer to as soon as they step foot into the online business side of things.

It is important to understand that when trying to build a successful website online you need to build your whole website on a solid foundation.

Once this is accomplished, you then need to build your structure on this “foundation.”

I like to call this the “keyword driven framework.”

Think of your website as a foundation, your articles on the other hand are the framework for your “structure.” It is imperative that your structure is based on keywords that are getting searches. This is why having a “keyword driven framework” is so important.

Why Is This So Important ? ….. This “Keyword” Thing

Starting an online business is hard enough on it's own, once you start throwing in “keywords” it can be even more daunting.

In this article I would like to shed some light on keywords and even show you how to start finding one's worth your time for free! Once you understand how this whole thing works you will see why having this keyword driven framework when creating your content …. Or “structure” is so essential.

Where Do We Start?

In the “making money online arena” there is a ton of talk about keywords. I remember when I started out I had absolutely no clue what they were…. Let alone what they can be worth if researched and used correctly.

Many people that attempt to start an online business simply give up when it comes to keywords. They either don't have training or can't seem to grasp the true concept of them.

I was in the exact same position when I started my online side hustle…. And man let me tell you, I almost threw in the towel more than once.

I don't want you to shy away or quit because of this, you can do this!

This is why I want to cover keywords in this article, I want to pave a smoother path than I had for you, so you can get going on your online business the right way.

So What Is A “Keyword” Exactly?Scrabble pieces that say choose your words

What is a keyword?

Some magical term that pours cash into your accounts in seconds?

MMMMM….. Not exactly…. That would be awesome though!

In a nutshell a keyword is a word or phrase that someone types into an online search engine…. Think of how you landed here on my website for instance.

Chances are you have been doing some research on making some extra cash from home. Maybe you went right to punching how to make money online in Google to see what it came up with?

Either way, you ended up here because of a “search”…. Here's the deal …. Every word, term, or phrase that you or anyone else is punching into a search engine is in essence a keyword.

Trust me on this, don't over complicate this…. Let me give you a quick example.

This is a Google search of the term “How to cook steak.”

As soon as you start to input this or any term into Google it starts to give you instant results on what people are searching. These are keywords that are getting enough searches per month to be valuable.

A Google search of how to cook steak

Here's the thing with keywords…. Some keywords are worth a lot more than others simply because they have more searches per month. They are high value keywords.

Even still it seems weird, at least to me. What makes certain keywords more valuable than others?…. Let's think for a second here….

What if you really know how to make an awesome steak … The steak so good every time you make it people ask what is your secret ?



This Is Your Niche !

You can start a blog and teach people how to do it !

You can use keywords people are looking up as a road map of ideas, once you know what people are looking for information about, you can build your website around answering questions people have about your “niche.”

These “ideas” become the content you create to provide value by answering questions or simply bringing value to people's lives.

This in turn builds an audience …. People that trust your opinion and listen to your recommendations. When it comes to products or know how related to your niche, you can become an authority online. People will begin to trust you and come to your site to get the information they seek.

This in turn builds a successful online business.


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Starting Out Right With This Keyword Thing ….

When you start a website you need to begin writing content, you need to “target” certain search terms or keywords in the article so when people are searching for answers to their questions or needs….. They find YOUR article.

Super simple right? …. Well yes and no ….

Listen…. The thing is there is a TON of competition for these keywords.

I have harped on this time and time again…. YOU NEED TO BRING PEOPLE VALUE! There is no way around this.

Quite frankly if you are looking for a way around this, my site is not for you.

It's time to explain a little about why I harp so much on this value thing ….

When you are starting out in online business it is of the greatest importance that you target keywords that people are actually punching into a search.

You just showed us … Just use Google and see what pops up in instant results right? OK click off this blog, it sucks …. This guy is an idiot !

What a second here before you give up on me here … How do we know the exact data on these keywords? When targeting a keyword there are a few questions that need to be answered. ….

  • How many searches per month does that keyword get?
  • What is the competition for ranking that keyword? ie Will anyone ever find my article?
  • Is the keyword valuable?

These are just three factors that are pretty important… Think about it this way, would you spend hours typing an article about something that will never be seen simply because no one will ever look up the keywords to land on it ?

Of course not! …. The other issue here is when starting out your new website will have no “authority” this is something that takes time to buildup through bringing real value to the subject.

There are many websites that have been around a while and they are most likely ranked for the keywords you are trying to target…. The keywords that get a ton of searches and are very valuable.

So what's a beginner supposed to do? I mean how the hell am I supposed to get any eyes on my site if I can't beat the big boys for a keyword?


Find relevant keywords that get anywhere from 30 to 100 searches per month and work on getting ranked for those first. This will, over time build up your sites authority until Google likes the way you make steak…. Then you can start making money with bigger keywords as time progresses.

Eventually…. By providing real value to the niche, your new website will begin to grow into a force in its specific niche and Google will reward you with rankings. Simply put you will be on the first page or two in a search result for that specific keyword you have targeted in an article. Hence…. Eyes on your article and your website.Women that has hands in the air looking confused

OK …. So how the hell do I know all of this data so I can target a keyword I may actually rank for?

This My Friend, Is Where A Premium Keyword Tool Comes Into Play….


Meet Jaxxy …. A premium `keyword tool that will change the way you create content online for your side hustle.


Let's Use The “How To Cook Steak Example” Using Jaxxy…


search for the keyword how to cook a steak in the Jaxxy tool


We can now see clearly all the data on the keyword terms we are searching…. There are a few terms we need to go over here quickly.

  • AVG = This is the average number of searches that term, or “keyword” gets a month.
  • Traffic = This is the estimated traffic to your site if you rank on the first pages in the search engine.
  • QSR = This is the number of websites currently competing for that exact keyword.
  • KQI = This is a quality indicator for the keyword, basically whether it's a decent keyword to go for or not.
  • SEO = This is a number that shows how likely it is that you can rank for this keyword, higher is better.


Let's Break It Down A Bit ….

Take our original keyword search…. “How to cook steak”

According to Jaxxy this exact phase gets 3066 average searches a month, there are 192 other websites competing for the coveted ranking of this exact keyword, and you would expect approx 522 new people showing up to read your article if you get it on the first pages of the Google search.

Looking at these numbers we can see that this is a valuable keyword with a lot of competition. The only sites that are ranked for this are higher authority websites, the chances of beating them out (early on anyways) are very slim… Pretty much not possible.

What other option do we have?

Looking further down our list I see a keyword that looks promising….. “How to cook steak medium well” A medium well cooked steak on a plate

This keyword gets around 96 searches a month, plus it has a low QSR (competition) of 12.

You know how to cook a steak medium well? Now is the time to show it !….. Almost 100 people a month are looking for your answer!

This keyword makes grammatical sense, you could write a post that covers the perfect cuts of steak that cook to medium temperature well.

You could get really in depth here …. How long to sear the steak on each side, should you use charcoal or propane, what are some good meat thermometers… etc.

In this article you can link out to some of your other articles on your website, plus link to products or even companies that sell the best cuts of steak around.

Can you see now how important these little keywords are? Even more important, how you need to know specific data on them?

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Keyword Overload …. Avoid At All Costs

One thing I want to explain quickly while we are so fired up on keyword research is this…..

Remember that our number one goal is to bring value to people's lives. This means that however important keywords are we always need to remember to write for our audience with the single goal of building a sustainable audience and online business.

The last thing you want to do is make your website's articles packed with keywords just hoping Google will rank you number one, it simply does not work like that. Write naturally and with genuine purpose, the keywords you are trying to target will naturally come out in your QUALITY.

Take this example : ” In today's article I would love to show you how to cook a steak medium well so you can ace your next BBQ. We will be going over everything you need from the best cuts of steak to the wine that will make your mother-in-law smile ….. Let's start with the perfect cut and what to look for when buying steak.”……

Now a second example : ” Today I want to show you how to cook a steak medium well. In order to get that piece of steak medium well you need to start with a good cut of beef. My mother-in-law recently asked me how I cook a steak medium well so I figured I would write about it for her.

My father-in-law also loves steak medium well. Let's start with the right cuts of steak, if you want to cook a steak medium well….


I don't think I need to tell you which one is more natural ….
Friends sitting around the table enjoying dinner and wine


The first example targets the keyword but doesn't bury you in it. You actually can see the family over enjoying your steak over some good wine and conversation.

This is QUALITY work! This is what you need to strive to achieve.



The second example shows what happens when you over emphasize keywords and cram them everywhere in your work. It makes the article “fake” and not entertaining …. Google also frowns greatly on this kind of “keyword stuffing.”

Write to bring value ….. The rest will take care of itself.

Another Quick Tip ….

One thing I learned very early on when starting to create content online is that people don't always care about what I think is a good keyword.

Take an example = Two friends start a website, they both want to target the auto repair niche. One friend we will call Tom starts by thinking up some ideas that he thinks are really cool and everyone will be clammering into his site to read about.

He bases his writing off of what he “thinks” people will want to read about. (After all he is a professional mechanic.)

He puts in the time and writes top-notch articles that are the best on the web. Targeting “HIS” keywords.

The other friend (we will call him Jerry) Is also a professional mechanic, however when he starts his website he first invests in a premium keyword tool that shows the number of searches for any particular keyword…. Along with a ton of other data.

Jerry starts with some broad ideas and does his keyword research to the tee before he starts writing his articles on his website.

Even though some of the terms that the keyword tool is telling him seem like things no one would be looking for online, he trusts the tool and writes his articles around the research.Man writing in a journal

Jerry however is not the best writer, compared to Tom he is far behind, his stuff is good but not the stuff Tom can put out as far as quality.

Tom is an excellent writer, Jerry is good …. maybe just OK.

Here is the question = Who do you think has a better chance at succeeding online? Tom or Jerry?

Many of you will say Tom, after all he is a better writer and also a professional mechanic. He knows his stuff and can write in a way that people like.

The correct answer however is Jerry….. Why? I mean he is a weaker writer than Tom, his work is quality but nowhere near as good as Tom's.

Here's the deal …. Jerry may not be a better writer, however he is targeting phrases that people are actually looking for online. He will get traffic that Tom will most likely never see.

If you are writing about what you “think” your target audience will look for, you are at a major disadvantage.

Understand right here and now that everyone is different, there are people all around the world that have questions. They all come from different walks of life. DO NOT ASSUME THAT THEY WILL LOOK FOR WHAT YOU THINK THEY NEED!

This is very important to understand, trust the keyword tool. Trust the data.


So …. What is the best keyword tool?

There are a few options here, some free and some that cost a few bucks. Google does have a free keyword planner that is pretty darn good… The only issue is there is not much other important data that comes with a premium tool.

The keyword research tool I use and recommend is called Jaxxy. This tool is all you will ever need to research the keywords that people is punching into the search engines.

I have some great news for you … I have set up a great little perk for my valued readers with Jaxxy.

The great folks over at Jaxxy want you to succeed in your online journey just like I do. Below you can check out Jaxxy and get some FREE KEYWORD SEARCHES right now ! Give it a spin and find your next idea!



Remember, if you are going to ever make any money online you need traffic. You can write a thousand top-notch articles, however if the targeted keywords get no searches guess what?

You won't make a dime because no one will get to your website, I don't care if you have the prettiest website ever, if you don't have a frame of relevant and searched keywords in your strategy you will fail online business!

This is also one of the main reasons when I start a fresh site I never waste too much time making it perfect looking by spending a ton of money on premium themes and plugins. I focus on writing quality articles that target keywords people actually are looking up online.

Once you begin to “prove” yourself to Google or any of the other search engines and get some authority and ranked articles, then it's time to start making things better looking.

Wrapping It All UP ….

My goal is very simple, I want to help you succeed with a side hustle that can make you some extra cash ….. Heck, can even become your full time gig if you want. Take my advice if you are looking to go the website route for your hustle.

Use keywords correctly, don't try to stuff keywords into your articles. Write for people, not the search engines!

Listen …… This business works just like anything else worth pursuing, it will take time and a ton of hard work. Use keywords to build up a solid frame of quality and informative articles, with the one main goal of helping your audience.

If you follow my advice …… You will see success!

I understand there is much more to starting an online business, however my goal is to get you the information you need to get started right. I suggest you check out my other articles, one in particular goes over a program that can get you started with the tools and training you need for free! >Click Here< to read it now.

I hope this article sheds some new light on keywords and how to use them properly. There is still much more to cover, leave a comment below if you would like me to go over anything specific, I will be more than happy to go over what questions you have. You can also shoot me an e-mail at and I will get back to you.

Until next time I suggest you use the free Jaxxy tool to start researching your next keywords.

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To your success …. Jerry Litmus