Can you earn money blogging without knowing these key points?

Person pulling the empty pocket lining out of their jeans -
"I don't get it... How can you earn money blogging?" "How can that possibly work?"

The above quotes are some of the exact things I asked myself while I was just getting into the idea of starting a blog.

Here's the good news, if you have the same questions this article is for YOU!

How can you earn money blogging?

What steps are there to creating passive income online?

No worries, this post aims to answer these questions and get you on the road to making some coin with your blog!

Here's what's on the agenda today ...

  • Understanding how search engines work
  • Zeroing in on a niche
  • The traffic game
  • Understanding how money is made online

How can you earn money blogging? 

It's possible and you can do this ! 

There is a lot of crap floating around online that claims riches to all that spend just one week following their "secret course. "

What a bunch of bull ... I just can't stand some of it !

I created to offset many of the false claims found online about making money blogging.

Let's start this little conversation out on the right foot, YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

That's it, and for $249.00 I will show you my secret formula that has allowed me to make millions!

My pockets are busting at the seams and yours can TOO!

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Just kidding ... That's the real crap that is out there though, isn't that ridiculous?

The fact is you really can make money, however the road to this is long and takes a lot of hard work.

Many people start out with the false information that it's easy to "get-rich-quick"

Once they realize the truth however, things change and they give up.

I don't want that for you so strap in and let's get down to the real information to start making passive income with your blog!

Understanding how search engines work

Did you know that there is massive competition in the online world for words?

In better terms, KEYWORDS.

In order to start understanding how money is made online we first need to understand that KEYWORDS are a huge part of what makes or breaks a blog trying to cash in.

Think of how you got to my page, chances are you want to learn how to start making money online. You went to Google or any other search engine and typed in a term, or keyword.

That's really all a keyword is, a term that people search for in Google.

I will use Google in this article for simplicity, this is the same for all other search engines however.

After your search there are paid ads that show up first, then relevant articles that revolve around those keywords.

This is the golden ticket with blogging!

Google ranks articles for specific keywords to bring the best relevant articles to it's users first, on the front page.

Think of it like this, when you look up "How to brew beer" what are the first articles that show up?

Let's take a look together ...

Google search results page for how to brew beer screen shot -

You see that first result? That blog is in the first position for that keyword, this means that Google has ranked the article high because it is best quality and most relevant to "How to brew beer"

Can you see the potential here yet?

82,300,000 results and this blog has the number one spot.

You and me both know that you are most likely to click this article first before scrolling through hundreds of articles.

This is where the first stage of making money blogging comes into play, it is also why I harp so much on quality over quantity, you want this blog's spot.

Once you start to get ranked on the first page or two of Google traffic starts to roll in.

Traffic is the key to making money, get the traffic, build the audience, make money.

More on this later on ...

Zeroing in on your niche

So now that we get the fact everyone is competing to rank for that top spot it's time to talk niche.

I have a complete article on choosing your niche that you may want to read before going further <HERE>

To make money blogging you need to get articles ranked, there are ads and PPC (pay per click) where you buy rankings, however that should not be approached this early in the game.

Getting a real good hold of your niche means you can write many posts that target various angles and nooks of that niche, as these articles start to rank and move their way up in search people searching for these terms will start to see your work and land on your site.

Traffic is key

At this point if you bring your A game and stay consistent, (this means posting frequently targeting various keywords) people will begin to trust your opinions and information you provide on the topic.

The result is a loyal audience that is into what you are, they want to hear your expertise on the subject.

Good traffic vs bad traffic

It's important to note all traffic is not good traffic, you want to target a quality audience, these are people that are genuinely interested in your niche and value your information.

Not realizing this is a big mistake that many first time bloggers make, going after any and all traffic.

We will cover this much more in future articles ... Be sure to stay in the loop!

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Understanding how money is made online

Now that we have some ideas of how search engines rank content, and how to target a niche let's look at how the actual process of making money online works.

Check out the image above ...

12:00 O'clock ... Getting the word out

The first stage is building up your website and brand, once you start to get consistent traffic after learning what your specific audience wants you will start to gain loyal followers.

These people are your blog's lifeblood, your main goal should always be to provide the best content you can for them.

Once you have engaged and loyal followers they will absorb your information and you will begin to earn their trust.

At this point you can recommend products and offers that will truly benefit their lives.

This is where the money starts to become a reality, your hard work begins to show light!

3:00 O'clock ... your audience

This is the audience that you build over time.

The bigger the traffic to your site grows, the more opportunity you have to make money with your blog.

You can direct traffic to great offers and products using many different methods on your blog and email list.

Common ways to make money with a blog

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your own product
  • Dropshipping


  • Google Adsense
  • Mediavine
  • Amazon native ads

These are just a few of the options, with that said I think affiliate marketing is the best place to get started.

I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for a long time, they are legit and I highly recommend setting up a completely free account today!  

Everything you need is there in one place, if you want to learn how to make money from the ground up online this is a fantastic place to start.

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Get details

6:00 O'clock ... Promoting products

Through writing and creating other great content you tie in products and offers within your blog.

This is exactly what I have done above, at this point you should know I don't promote crap. I truly want you to succeed and that's why I have integrated WA into my blog! 

Products that you can give honest views on and have some experience with (ideally.)

Some ways to do this on your blog ...

  • Product reviews
  • Banner ads
  • In text ads
  • Ad networks (ie Google Adsense)
  • Comparison articles

Being relevant is key

Leading your readers to products and services that are relevant to them and what they are looking for results in sales ... and profit for your hard work.

The same is with all other forms of monetizing a site.

  • Relivant ads
  • Courses
  • Information

9:00 O'clock ... making money!

Here is where all of your hard work pays off, for making sales and showing ads on your website (one or both) you start to earn commissions.

Once you hit the point that your blog is producing consistent income every month it turns into a passive income stream!

Wrapping up

I truly hope this post gave you a good foundation of how this whole online money thing works.

In up coming posts I will be breaking these way down so you can get going!

I will even show you where to build your first website FOR FREE in lest than 5 Minutes!

Until then keep blogging friends!

Jerry P

Jerry P

United States