What to expect in your first 3 Months blogging

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"The most important thing you need to build a successful blog is consistent strategic effort."  

Anytime you start something new isn't it great when you can ask someone who has been down the road you yourself are heading down?

That's exactly what I want to bring you in this post, more specifically I want to give you a rundown of what your first 3 months blogging will look like.

The following is a realistic look at what to expect and how the first 3 Months should look.

Keep in mind that no situation is set in stone, there are a lot of variables to account for.

Let this be a general guide to your blogging road ahead!

Here's what we will cover in this short post ...

  • Month 1: The technical learning curve
  • Month 2: Learning the process blogging
  • Month 3: The road ahead

What to expect your first 3 Months blogging

"The technical times"

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Month 1: The technical burn, I mean learn

After you have chosen your niche and have your site up and running it's time to get to work.

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At this point you are going to become really good friends with Google , there will be a lot to sort out the first couple of weeks as far as setup goes.

This is a critical time to absorb as much technical knowledge as possible.

Use Google, this website, and wornBee.com of course! Plus anything else you can find to guide you along.

There are a TON of great posts online that can help you out of a rut.

Expect to be aggravated several times at this stage, do not give into the feelings of "I'm wasting my time."

You should feel excited and ready to go at this point. Doing whatever it takes should not be a question, if it is reanalyze your niche and goals.

The ruts

There will be technical problems that may take hours to solve ... HOURS!

I remember when I started I would be up literally all night sometimes working on issues that I can now fix in 5 minutes! You can do this !

You will feel like everything you are doing is wrong, after a while you may even feel like this blogging thing just isn't for you.  

Stay the course

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This is when you need to recenter and focus on what you want to accomplish.

Remember why you started this and stick to your guns.

Blogging is not easy, if you are looking for quick online cash or some rabbit in a hat I hate to tell you it's nowhere to be found here.

It's critical that you keep rolling with the punches in this stage, you will feel like you are getting nowhere but believe me, you are learning how to technically solve problems that will never go away through the course of your blogging.

It will pay off with interest down the road when you know how to fix things and troubleshoot your blog without needing other people.

Trust me.

The difference between the blogger that needs to outsource everything that hiccups in their CMS and the blogger that gets it done themselves without spending cash is simple.

The person that puts the time in here, right now in the beginning will be in a much better position later on.

"The person that learns to navigate an issue before asking someone else to solve it will always have a better handle on their business later on down the road."

Develop the "self sufficient" mindset early on.

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The first month in a nutshell?

The first month is a mix of "I'm wasting my time" and "Why does this not work!"

This is why I recommend choosing a simple and clean theme for your website, this helps you avoid getting overwhelmed by things that look great but really aren't all that important right now.

Push on and keep going NO MATTER WHAT, expect issues and grief the first month but do not forget the excitement inside of you to start this thing!

Month 2: Getting your posts tuned in

Whew! It's month number 2 and you have stuck it out through the mud of new technical blogging stuff.

There's gonna be some things to handle and figure out, you know how to tackle them much better now.

Things will still be tough at times but you will really start to roll on figuring them out as you go.

Keep pedaling!

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Month 2, you have come a long way

Whether you think so or not you have come a very long way.

Here's the a fact, many people start a blog and give up the first month over the stuff you just went through.

You should feel great, you're not a web developer (yet) but you know your way around your blog's dashboard and have solved a few problems by now.

Your niche should be solid and you should have your brand's design tuned in.

This means colors, theme, style are pretty tuned in at this point, it's time to focus and get content written.

It's time to build your brand.

Getting your stride

After the excitement of designing and writing a few articles the real trial begins.

This is the point where you really need to put your head down and start writing as much content as possible.

Not just writing to write, writing to impress. Quality articles based around good keywords.

Do not write off keyword research, the moment you decide to invest into the blog, a premium keyword tool is what to buy first.

You can get your feet wet with some keyword research right now with Jaxxy!

Where you sit now

At this point you are getting used to the writing and editing process.

You can tackle most problems head on and you should have keyword research high on your "to master" list.

Month 3: The strategy phase

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Sometime around month 3 you should be seeing a little traffic trickle in, depending on the niche and your efforts you may even have consistent light traffic.

The hard work of pushing through the first 2 months starts to show some promise, expect some writer's block, or even burnout at this point.

You will be less concerned about how to make your blog look cool and more concerned about the business end of things that never thought of.  

A blog should be treated like a business from day. The 3 month mark is when it seems to become more important, sooner is better.

It's easy to give up at this point and you may feel .... No scratch that, YOU WILL feel like you are doing a lot of work without reward.

This is normal and every successful blogger has pushed through it.

Blogging takes work in large letters - wornbee.com

Stay the course and keep going! This is where most people fail.

RIGHT HERE, after you have 3 months without much traffic or profit it's easy to let your mind tell you that this is a waste of time.

Here my friend lays the blog graveyard ...

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The people who have laid their blogs to rest here don't understand, blogging takes A LOT of work.

It's a stew of emotions these 3 months, excitement, accomplishment, anger, and many other emotions will flood you!

At this point hunker down and focus on your work.

This is the only way to break through and get some traction with the search engines.

No Matter What,Don't Give Up!

I will be real with you friend, it will take a minimum of 6 months before you see any real progress as far as traffic.

You need to have faith in what you are doing and really focus on helping people, do not worry so much about how you will make money at this point.

This will come but not yet, get traffic and build a quality audience first. Build authority and presence in Google.

Many a blogger have made the mistakes of rushing the process and have landed in the blog graveyard.

The secret to a successful blog

What is the "secret" 

The secret is so simple you will most likely be bummed when you read it.

HELP PEOPLE, that's it, go into this with a strong desire and dedication to help people.

The world has a strange way of rewarding a person that truly seeks to enrich someone's life.

Enjoy the ride and don't get hung up on what's hard. Just do it because you enjoy it.

Before you realize it you may just have one hell of a successful blog.

Once you hit that point lay some flowers on the grave of the blogs that have come and gone, teach someone what you have learned on your journey and resurrect one or two dead blogs.

Thanks for reading!

Jerry P

Jerry P

United States