Jaxxy Keyword Tool Review : Find Valuable Keywords The Easy Way

Jaxxy Keyword Tool Review : Find Valuable Keywords The Easy Way
Jaxxy keyword research screenshot
Keywords are king!

Keywords are the heartbeat of any successful online business.

I can also tell you from experience, It's hard to gain traction without them if you are serious about making money online.

Are keywords a totally new concept to you?

If so no problem, read the following article to get a feel for what keywords are and why they are so important for your side hustle. > Read This First <

All set? … Let's move on.

After reading the previous article, you should have an understanding of how important keywords are.

They truly are the lifeblood of any online business.

What If There Was A Tool That Made Finding Valuable Keywords Easy?

Seriously Easy …

Jaxxy : The Last Keyword Research Tool You Will Ever Need

Running a business takes patience, time, and some serious elbow grease. Any advantage you can get to help you along is worth looking at in my opinion.

Hard work and determination are the foundation of any business of course … There are times when elbow grease just isn't enough however.

Let's get one thing straight about making money online …


Tools that can save you time, plus pay for themselves over time.

When it comes to the online world, keywords are king. If you are writing content for your audience that provides value, you need to ensure people are looking up what you are writing about in the search engines!

Neglecting this will lead to a very long run of time wasted, not to mention a surefire way to make no money with your business.

When I first started my online business, I had absolutely no clue how important keyword research actually was, I ended up writing a bunch of content that just never got any views.

After a while I got close to the point of throwing in the towel and giving up … I took a closer look at keywords and I found Jaxxy, the best tool available for keyword research.

Man stressed out on his laptop

When I Started Using Jaxxy Everything Changed …

Through some of the best training available online I learned how to use Jaxxy for keyword research and never looked back.

My articles started to get more and more views … Not because my writing got better somehow … It was simply because I was “targeting” keywords that people are actually searching for online.

This was the turning point for me … Trust me on this, IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE YOU NEED TO DO KEYWORD RESEARCH !

Let's Look A Little Closer At Jaxxy …

What is Jaxxy exactly?

People from all around the world are punching questions and terms into the search bars…

Jaxxy is a keyword research tool that gives important data about these terms and questions.

When you start your online business it's important to understand the importance of this.

Imagine writing your blog posts knowing you are writing something people are actually looking to read.

One of the biggest mistakes beginner bloggers make is thinking the terms they believe people will want to read will bring hordes of readers to their new website.

Some may get lucky, however the reality is many people can care less about the keywords you think are cool to write about.

With a keyword research tool you can input that “idea” you have and narrow it down to the exact terms people are searching.

Many times the words you are thinking just need slight variations or “tweaks” to become highly searched terms that are very valuable.

This in essence is how blogging generates income for the owner.

What Does This Keyword Tool Cost?

  • Starter Membership = Free (Yes Free)change spilled out of a glass jar
  • Pro Membership = $49 Per Month
  • Enterprise Membership = $99 Per Month


What Comes With The Free, Yes Free Starter Membership?

The starter membership is a great option to get started. The starter membership offers the following features that really allow you to get your feet wet with keywords.

Starter Trial Membership

30 Keyword Searches
20 Search Results
Website Analyzer
Affiliate Program Finder
Keyword List Manager
Brainstorm Idea Feed
Keyword Competition Data
1x Speed
Affiliate Program
30 SiteRank Analysis Scans


All of this for free!

Although limited, it really gives you a few great keywords to get you started.

At some point if you are serious about growing your online business you will most likely want to step up to one of the paid tiers.

The PRO version comes in at $49 bucks a month …. This level opens up the flood gates to everything keywords.

For the price this is by far the best value in the market.


WITH The PRO Version For $49 Bucks A Month YOU GET …

  • Sortable search results
  • Unlimited search history
  • Search analysis
  • Manual QSR search
  • Manual domain search
  • Alphabet (15 letter )
  • 2x multi threaded search
  • 2k site analysis scans

In all honesty this is the level that I use and really like, I get the information I need and cut out wasted time using other tools for my research.

Next on the list is the top-level called Enterprise, this comes in at $99 dollars a month. This option opens up everything that Jaxxy has to offer …

Enterprise Is The Top Tier … For $99 Bucks A Month You Get …

  • 35 Search results
  • 5x speed
  • Automated QSR
  • Automated domain search
  • Alphabet soup ( 50 letter )
  • 5x Multi threaded searches
  • Unlimited keyword lists
  • 10 k Siterank scans

OK So We Know The Details ….

We have gone over what Jaxxy can offer per membership option, plus we have established that in order to make money online we need to have a keyword strategy.

Compared to free keyword tools such as Google keyword planner there is no comparison. Time saved and accurate results, that was it for me.

I realized that all the time wasted to save a few bucks with free tools could be time I was using to actually create content!

Let's Try It Out!

Once you get an idea about what you want to create content around, it's time to start your research.

I have really been on an investing kick lately, let's write an article about that. The first thing I do is fire up Jaxxy and in the search I will put in my “rough” keyword.

Jaxxy screenshot

All we have to do now is click on “find keywords” …

Jaxxy screenshot


So What Are We Looking At?

Let's break down some of the data Jaxxy has thrown at us ….

  • Keyword = This is the exact search keyword that you would use depending on the data. Take the third one down as an example. “How do I get started investing” That is a keyword, you could write an article and break down exactly how to get started …. Targeting that question.
  • AVG or Average = This number indicates how many searches are done online for that exact keyword. This is a huge indicator of whether the word is worth your time.
  • Traffic = This is an estimate of how much direct traffic your website will see if you rank on the first page of Google for that keyword.
  • QSR = “Quoted search results” This number indicates how many websites are ranked in Google for this exact keyword.
  • KQI = “Keyword quality indicator” This indicates the overall “quality” of a keyword.

Go Ahead, Give It A Shot!

Take Jaxxy for a test drive today below and see what your ideas turn into !

What Are Some Other Key Features Of Jaxxy?

Keyword data is not the only awesome thing Jaxxy does, there is a bit more that comes with the paid versions.

Niche research:

Jaxxy has a very cool feature called “alphabet soup.” This awesome tool takes a keyword and adds different variations to it with every letter of the alphabet …

This is a very powerful tool to narrow down niches and get great new ideas that you may have not thought of.


Within Jaaxy you have access to a brainstorm feature that is going to allow you to dissect the hottest product, information, and search trends TODAY. Having this insight will lead you to incredible new opportunities and the ability to stay in tune across many niches.

Affiliate program research:

Finding affiliate programs that are worth promoting is a huge part of your online business, Jaxxy makes it easy to find some of the best available so you can focus on content.

Wrapping Up

There are ways to get started for absolutely no cost in internet business. Sometimes you just want to “get your feet wet” and give it a shot without investing money.

You can start your own website in 5 minutes absolutely free of cost. If however you decide to take things to the next level, you will need to invest in some quality tools to make your business flourish.

The very first thing to spend money on after the essentials: Web hosting, Domain etc… Is a keyword tool, there really isn't reason to go without it if you are serious about making money online.

Jaxxy offers the most comprehensive and easy to learn platform that provides accurate and quality results.

I encourage you to give Jaxxy a shot, it costs nothing to take it for a test drive and I think once you experience keyword planning the easy way, you will do the same thing I did and never look back.

Wishing you much success! Jerry.