Wealthy Affiliate Review - Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Earn Money Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate Review

  • Product name = Wealthy Affiliate

  • Product Goal = Teaching online website building and online business

  • Luminous Outlook Rating = 9.5 out of 10

  • Product Cost = Free to start, $49 to $99 per month for premium membership

  • Would I Recommend To A Good Friend? = Yes

Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate, The Platform Dedicated To Showing People How To Earn Money Online.wealthy affiliate home page



Simply put, Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform that shows you how to build an online business from the ground up. 

Using a combination of structured classes and assignments …. Plus a community of people that are all learning and helping each other, Wealthy Affiliate takes all of the guesswork out of this online business thing. 


My personal thoughts ….

Before we dive into the technical data and full on review I want to give you my real world opinion of Wealthy Affiliate. 

First off I want to say that I use and enjoy WA daily, the community is such a great place where likeminded folks from all over the world ask questions and genuinely help each other out. 

This in my humble opinion is one of the most valuable pieces of the WA puzzle, if you have ANY question all you need to do is ask and someone ALWAYS answers. On top of this they answer quickly! 

Check it out …. Screenshot of the wealthy affiliate questions section

This is the screen that you can access anytime …. As many times as you need! 

This is just one sweet perk that comes along with joining WA …. You could always just Google every question you have when starting out, then hope the person you are listening to knows anything  …… Doesn't sound very productive however. 

Here's the great thing … Many times you get an answer from more than one person, this creates conversation where everyone from beginners to experts chime in and help you along. 

Really the golden egg here is the “pay it forward” mentality that WA is built on.

I have no issues recommending WA to anyone because I know it works, after all this website you are reading now is a product of the training I have followed there. 

I like honesty just like you, and I can say with 100% confidence that this company is built on a solid structure of genuine desire to do it's job … And do it well. 

It Costs Nothing To Get Started! ….

This is the kicker for me, honestly when I decided I wanted to get serious about building an online business I started looking around.

I found mainly crap, you probably know the drill by now …. 

“I just made 20,000 dollars on my lunch break!”Man holding one hundred dollar bills

 Watch me roll up in my rented Ferrari and tell you how I got rich in a month online! “I'll show you my guru tricks that no one else has figured out!”

Does That Sound Familiar? …. I Bet. 

Here's the deal …… You can make money online, there is no question; however it takes time and patience.

This is just like any other business, you need to put in some serious work …. Even then there are no guarantees. 

What I Love ….

The owners of WA are upfront and honest about this fact from the start, there is no BS sales pitch or fake “tricks” to make millions.

Even the owners are active on the platform putting in the time, there is no Ferrari or mansion. These are real people that don't act like the typical online “guru.”

It is the real deal.

And You Can Start 100% Free ….

That's right folks, you can start a free account …. And stay on a free account forever. What else is there to say here, when was the last time any other online teaching course even thought about letting people sign up for free?

It's very generous …. Check out the first lesson, be sure to watch the walk through video below to get a feel for the WA platform and what it offers.


wealthy affiliate screenshot


So Let Me Ask You A Question Or Two ….

Have you ever dreamed of making a passive income?

Money that comes in month after month consistently?

I have, and I'm willing to bet that thought has passed your mind a few times.

The dream of sitting on the beach sipping a nice cold Pina Colada watching your family enjoy the day.

No worries about the next credit card bill, no stressing over money or missing out on things you want in life simply because they are too expensive.


beautiful beach

Ok, let's snap back to reality,  that life is for the movie stars, plus I'm not a big fan of Pina coladas.

The reality is you can make this kind of money. With the right training and determination you can live the life you want. 

You can be your own boss…..You can do this!

What if we can make a few hundred extra bucks a month?

Maybe a couple thousand? How would that feel? How much easier would your life be?

If you get some training and put the time in you can achieve this …. YOU CAN SUCCEED IN ONLINE BUSINESS!


Can I Ask You A Serious Question…

Have you been toying with the idea of starting a business or side hustle online?

If your answer is yes, (or even maybe) your definitely in the right place.

Hi there, it's about time I introduce myself. My name is Jerry Litmus.

Give me a few more minutes because I would love to see you crush it with your online business! 

Here is some hard truth, I believe Wealthy Affiliate is an honest and insightful teaching platform that will show you how to earn money affiliate marketing online! Even the free starter membership is very valuable. 

Read on to learn more about earning money online, I have included a special bonus exclusive for  my readers only in this review.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled!


So What Is Affiliate Marketing Exactly? 

In a nutshell, earning money with an affiliate marketing business is directing someone to a product or service by providing valuable insight and reviews from your experience. The main way this is done is through a website or blog.

If this person purchases the product you recommend you make a commission on the sale. Affiliate marketing has been around for decades and continues to be a great business model.

When done correctly it can be very lucrative to say the least. As a matter of fact there's people out there making full time incomes and up! I'm talking from hundreds, all the way up to thousands a month!different dominations of paper money

If you want to learn how to build an online business this will teach you the entire process of marketing online, from building your foundation- (your website) – To building up a sustainable and lucrative business. 


Can you learn affiliate marketing ?

Anyone can learn and become successful through affiliate marketing, there's one thing to know and accept from the start however….It's not a get rich quick walk in the park.

To build up this business you must take it seriously and put in the time. Many people have been sold the theory of “quick” online success and “money flowing from your laptop in hours!” crap.  Trust me, this just isn't the case.

Furthermore you need to do this with integrity, you need to tell the full story, not just push crap on people to try and make a quick buck. If that's your deal, you are in the wrong place. 


Here's the good news…

I do have some good news for you…. You absolutely can do this!

Let me be frank with you here…. The learning curve is very sharp when you start to tackle the online arena. It's kind of like trying to build a brick and mortar store from scratch with a shoe and some bubble gum!

This is why you need to learn things one step at a time the right way. 

Is it a lot of work building an online passive income? Absolutely.

I do not promote crap that claims to make you rich in 5 Minutes. The last thing I want to do is waste your time here. I truly believe (and know for that matter) If you follow the WA program you will succeed!

There is an absolute space for you to earn money affiliate marketing online. Let me tell you….You can indeed make a good chunk of change monthly online!


Done right and with dedication you can potentially replace a full time income!

How awesome would life be with extra cash that rolls in every month – month after month? That is more than possible through some hard work and right moves. Wealthy Affiliate shows you the right moves from the start. You don't waste a few years stumbling around trying to get online business down like I did.discombobulatede



Enough blabbing…Give Me The Details!

I discovered Wealthy Affiliate a year or so into my online business and I must say it showed me what I was doing right….and what I was doing way wrong!

Initially I spent a bunch of time just browsing around the platform aimlessly, once I started taking the training seriously and followed it with dedication however, my business started to grow!

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How I Started With Wealthy Affiliate …. 


wealthy affiliate home page

So there's I was….trying to decide if this Wealthy Affiliate thing is a worthless scam or not. I'm going to be honest here 100% Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? …..NO…..Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. This I can say with absolute certainty, I have had my account for many months now and nothing more than the monthly dues I agreed to pay is what I pay.

So Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, trust me on this. If you have your reservations that's understandable, I have been there… Almost to the point where I skipped signing up to be honest. I am definitely glad I did not skip it. This website you are reading right now is a product of what I have created from my WA teachings.


Not a scam…. But is it worth it?

Ok, so the stupid thing is not a scam…Now what? I'm gonna be brutally honest here, WA is not going to make you a single dime unless you put in the work. If you have dreams of the “get-rich-quick online” junk running through your head you might as well close this page and forget it. This question of whether or not it's worth it is really up to you.


Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to do this online thing properly if you follow the training, roll up your sleeves and get busy. Simple as that!


Have a look at how much even a free membership provides

wealthy affiliate comparison chart

++++Get Started For Free Right Now++++


Don't run away just yet

I realize that some of the people that read this will close the page right here. Right after looking at all of the features in the graph above, simply because for the person with no online experience, half of that stuff looks like the inside of a space shuttle. 

Trust me, after starting the training you will know exactly what all of that jibberish is…Further more you will value how much quality service you are getting with your membership!

This is top notch online business training from the ground up. 


Finding $50 bucks in the wash…That's what signing up for the starter membership feels like!

The starter membership gets the ball rolling quickly, you get quite a bit for free as shown above. Let's break down some key components of a starter membership.



Initially you run through a complete walk through video that gets you familiar with the platform navigation and features. There is a lot of emphasis on helping and you start to get a good feeling with how the community works there, (at least I did.)

Then the fun starts! You are at the point where you are now setting up your profile and sending out some hellos to meet people within the platform. You can make new friends and ask any question you want… I'll be honest it's pretty cool. Kind of like a huge Facebook of like-minded people with the same goals.



wealthy affiliate starter offer banner
Click To Start Building Your Website For Free Today!



The Real Work Starts

Profile setup and your ready to be the next millionaire of the world…..WHOA! not so fast there's friend.

Now is the time to learn and understand how this whole shebang works. One of the two owners of wealthy affiliate, Kyle is the person you will be seeing most. Through videos and training. The second owner Carson is more in the background doing a lot of technical things to keep the wheels turning.

In this training Kyle walks you through the process of how money is earned online. There is a lot to the online business world, however Kyle breaks it down to it's simplest form in a very well-spoken and honest way.

It's like anything else, you need to learn the foundation first or you will have no hope of succeeding in any business. This is one aspect that I love about Wealthy Affiliate.

They start you right at the first rung of the latter, there is no attitude or shortness. All the people I have interacted with on that platform have been friendly and more than willing to help.


One point I would like to make 

Listen, I'm not here to grease your wheels with snake oil. That's just not gonna happen here, with much good there is some bad…(or maybe something that can be better.)

With that said….. Do you remember when I told you I found Wealthy Affiliate after working on my own using Google and every book I can get to learn this stuff?

Here's the thing… There are a handful of things that could be updated within the basic training that will maybe make things go a little smoother.

The online world changes quick, however the core components (even if aged) are still 100% important. I had a lot of experience in website design before WA so I was in a position to see small things that could have been updated when it comes to certain things. With that said however, it took me a very long time to figure all of that stuff out.

Quite frankly many people would have quit before getting there. That is what makes Wealthy Affiliate so great, it keeps you on track… You are accountable. Many people want to make money online but complain that they don't know where to start or what to do.


This is the place to start! 

The entire process of building a website, hosting, domain name, wordpress, themes….On and on is all here in the platform. The cost of a premium membership more than pays for itself just in quality hosting provided.

Maybe some of what I just said sounds like jibberish at this point, believe me you will learn it all on WA. At the end of every lesson there is a checklist of things that you need to get done before moving on. For a guy like me that is gold! Just having this structure is key to staying motivated. 


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The push… Starting your business!

In the next lessons you will begin to set up goals and start communicating with other members. As you proceed, you will find great value in this. Motivation is very important and this hits the spot well.

This is it, you know the platform, you know the basics of online business. It's time! The next section of training is choosing your new businesses direction and niche. For those that are not aware a niche is basically a subject that you are knowledgeable or passionate about.

This is where you will decide….. I chose to go with showing people how to build extra cash through side hustles or straight up replacing their full time income and being their own boss!


What subject will you bring value to online?

Do you are like Golf? Fishing? Purses? Cars? Cooking? …… Whatever it is it's yours….. Your passion can, and will make you successful online if you follow Wealthy Affiliate's training!

Through the training you will learn to find out what your specific niche is. Once you decide your direction you should stop….

What? … Yup you should stop and take a look back at where you started. At this point you have joined a great community of people, learned exactly how online business works, set goals, met new people, and chosen a direction for your business.

All for free!


Now it's time to build your business!

This is when the training actually shows you how to build your website. Did you know that you are could build your initial website business in literally 30 seconds!


Don't believe me? ===> See for yourself here<===






Did you check it out?… I told you, pretty cool stuff right?

Now I'm not saying that it will be even close to making you any money yet at this point…However you will have your site built. This is the start, this is where you decide whether you are going to see this thing through or not.

If not that's totally fine…Remember you have not spent a dime to get here, to me that says a lot in terms of value.

In this stage you will achieve the following:

  • Get your very own website live and online
  • Create key pages that are necessary to success
  • Set up SEO (you will learn much about SEO, trust me
  • Set up proper structure for your website


So much learned…. Now for one of the most important aspects

In one word KEYWORDS.

In this last module of training (using the free starter membership) you will learn about keyword research.

In a nutshell keywords are what people are punching into search engines when looking for information.

keyword serch results for recipes

Here is a list of keywords Google gave me when I used “recipes” as an example. `

As you can see there are 4 keywords right off the bat here, you could write an article focusing on “recipes with chicken” if cooking was your niche, and post it to your very own website.

Once you begin to get traffic to your new website you can build a business reviewing products, affiliate marketing, ads, vlogging, building an e mail list…And tons more!


Can you see how powerful this is!!

Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how to build out an online business so the knowledge you have on a paticular subject can be your next full time income!


Let's try another keyword

google search for jogging


This time I punched “JOGGING” into Google….Can you see how google spits out KEYWORDS that people are searching for on that subject?

These are things people who are interested in jogging punch into google, these people are your target audience.


“Online, if you can bring value through quality content creation, you can make a lot of money!”


The training in WA shows you exactly how to do this effectively.

If you follow the training and put the work into this,  you can build your own business that will pay you over and over!

~ Bringing value to people looking for answers and or something online through their keywords ~ That's just one thing WA shows you that's worth gold.


Jaxxy keyword tool

Using a keyword tool called Jaxxy you will have limited searches to try out in the free starter membership. When you step up to a premium membership you have unlimited keyword searches.

Here is what Jaxxy gives us when we punch in our “jogging” example.


keyword research


Jaxxy returned all of these keyword variations and how much traffic they get. 

AVG: This is how many searches a day that specific keyword gets.

Traffic: The traffic section is what the calculated traffic being ranked for that keyword would bring in.

QSR: This is the number of competing websites ranked for the keyword. 

Do You Want To Try Out Some Keyword Research?

Are You Curious How Jaxxy Works?

Take it for a spin! 


===> Try Jaxxy For Free Here !

Think of this for a sec…. You landed here on Luminous Outlook because you put in some sort of a search online right?

Exactly, and truth be told I'm here to answer. My priority is to help you by providing quality and useful information. I want to bring you valuable insight on the topic you seek information for.

That is what we are targeting here, and in my opinion if you are looking to just make a quick buck, or have no intention of truly bringing value to people, close this now and don't bother. It does not work that way.


A few honest notes…


Number one:

At this point you may have some questions about Wealthy Affiliate. First things first, I encourage you to email me directly at jerry@extrahundreds.com. I will respond and answer any questions you may have the best I can.

Listen when I was starting out I had questions….Man did I ever, the problem was there was no one I knew to ask. This is why I want you to reach out ….If you have questions e-mail me. What's the worst case? I don't answer? So what? Try me.


Number two:

I have listed out some common questions that I had when I was deciding on whether I wanted to join or not.

“How can they give me a free website? Sounds like a scam.”

Here is the deal with that. The website is completely free, no bs. However it will be hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, this means that your site domain you choose will be followed by .siterubix.com. An example would be as follows ~ luminousoutlook.site.rubix.com….. that would be my free domain hosted for free on the WA servers.

In a sense you can get started with this free domain (hense the starter membership) but the reality is if you want to really take this on the right way you will eventually want to own your domain ie. extrahundreds.com which is where you are right now.

This way you own that domain, it's yours. The good news is domains are relatively cheap (im talking less than 15 bucks) and WA never hides this from you. They encourage you to do this at some point, not to make a quick buck but to show you when it's time to show you. If you are serious by then you will fully understand.

Even still there is no pressure or rush. The starter membership is free forever, the site.rubix domain will never cost you a dime if you choose to stay at that level.

Time for a kick….Boot camp!

Have I lost it? What the heck is boot camp?

Simple, remember when I told you there are a few different ways to approach your online travels in wealthy affiliate? For some people, especially when starting out finding a niche to focus your business can be a little tricky. The boot camp portion shows you how to promote wealthy affiliate itself. ( kind of what I am doing here )

This is where you can promote WA and get commissions directly from them! Boot camp really digs in and shows you how to market and build up a real business online. Of course some of you may be saying, “sure they just want you to sell their stuff!” 

Of course they do, it would be a lie to say otherwise; however it's a win for both parties involved. They give you the help simply if you don't have a specific niche so you can get started. Both parties make money, you learn online business from professionals….What could be better?




The Wealthy Affiliate community is fantastic!

The people truly make this platform fantastic. There really is so much support and help spinning around all day and night. If you ask a question you get an answer within minutes! Connecting with the people of wealthy affiliate truly is a great experience that can't be beat anywhere else online. Seriously it's amazing how many great people you will meet there.

good vibes only sign

Wrapping it all up…

I have not a single regret signing up for the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

There really is not a better platform out there that can teach online business like them. The quality of the community, training, hosting, keyword tools, and overall feel is unmatched in the industry. 

Anyone can learn online business, whether you learn best from video, reading, or just browsing around at your own pace wealthy affiliate has you covered. 

Stop wishing for that extra cash to fall into your hands…Make it happen, once you learn the steps and put in the work the potential is limitless. 

With 4.7 billion people on the planet, most of whom are on the internet, there is a huge space for the ones that commit to earn money online affiliate marketing.

Take the first step and click below to check out all wealthy affiliate has to offer, there is nothing to lose but everything to gain. With the world economy in a very unstable place these days, now is the time to learn and evolve away for jobs we hate. 

Have you noticed big department stores closing lately?

Many big chains have started to close up, huge places you went to with your parents on the weekends. Wealth has shifted, every other commercial on TV is for a new startup online store, hello fresh, tonal, shave clubs, you name it.

Online is where the next major shift in wealth production is moving. 

Now is the time to start learning the online business world if you want to be your own boss. Whether part time extra cash, or a full time businessis your goal Wealthy Affiliate is going to help you get there!


Wrapping Up + A Special Offer!

Join for $0 Bucks today and take a look around the platform. Trust me it's totally free 🙂

I promise you there is no obligation and the starter membership is completely free.

Click To Get Your Free Starter Account Up And Running In Minutes!

Here's the deal…..I use Wealthy Affiliate and I love it, I know you will too. That's why after you sign up for your starter membership I will contact you and help you along with setting up your account. 

What About My Free Bonus?

I have worked out a special offer for my readers who are serious about making money online. After you sign up for a free starter account if you sign up for the premium membership within 7 Days (at a 59% discount I will send you some quick tips and information that will accelerate your progress greatly.

Plus I will be sending you some exclusive bonus video training !

I know you may be on the fence here….I was too, however you are missing out on HUGE opportunity if you are trying to learn this online thing without Wealthy Affiliate. 

Step into the platform that can teach you exactly what you need to know. If you don't like it you have no obligation to stay or pay a dime. 

It's a no brainer….

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