"I have made just about every mistake a blogger can make"

Hello friend, I'm Jerry, welcome to my blog ... wornBee.com .... What a weird name isn't it? :/ (more on that later) ..

If you are interested in blogging, this is the perfect site for you!

Who am I?  Why should you read my blog?

Well for starters I have been blogging for longer than I can remember at this point.

  • Am I a blog guru that promises you instant blogging success? Nope!
  • Have I made a lot of mistakes on my blogging journey and learned much from them? YUP!

Have some time to kill?

Let me tell you a semi interesting tale of how I ended up here with you today.

The beginning of my blog journey

I started my very first blog in the automotive niche, I enjoy teaching the trade... That was my focus going in, giving something back to the world by teaching something.

I am a mechanic and shop owner by trade so fixing cars is pretty much what I've done my whole life.

Hey, you can't blame me, I love fixing cars so that was the natural start to my blog life.

Wheels start a turnin'...

Google became my best friend as I searched and searched for every shred of knowledge I can get on blogging and making money online.

(I still do that, by the way.)


I finally take the plunge and sign up to Wordpress.com, I was off to the races and I wasn't stopping!

I spent the next few years learning and evolving, moving myself from free hosting to self hosting and getting a really good grasp of the technical side of things.

I become outta control!

One day I had the idea of "getting rich overnight online"

"Make an extra $500 bucks in 10 minutes"

You know the scam by now...

What a bunch of crap...

Building blogs is one of my true passions, I have been in it for a long time and I can tell you...

It takes hard work, planning, and discipline to build a successful blog.

I still laugh when I see people, the "online gurus" sell the false promise of fast "instant" money online.


So what the hell do I know?

Over the years I have made many mistakes and fallen on my face many times, if you ask me if there is money to be made with blogging my answer is this...

Can you make money online? Yes

Can you make a lot of money online? Yes ..... However to achieve either one of these scenarios, it takes A LOT of work.

I fell in the trap a few times

I fell for some of these empty hopes and dreams, and definitely wasted some time.

All along however, I was learning and building up my knowledge.

I started site after site, some of which I still own. I bought sites on Flippa, I built sites, I followed different advice, switched hosts .... YOU NAME IT!

My Problem: I had lost that spark to teach, instead of building a solid blog teaching auto mechanics I had built a jumbled, password swamp of so much crap I didn't know where to start first.

Then it hits ...

So, you wanna know where the name wornBee came from?

Of course you do, you are way to deep into this dumb story to turn back now!


I started my blogs on a pretty crappy laptop back then.

To be honest the laptop laying pretend ink on your screen right now isn't all that great either :)

Anyways, one day I'm upstairs on my lunch break, ruthlessly typing in a password that had been incorrect for the one millionth time, trying to remember (unsuccessfully.)

I was trying to get into one of the worthless sites I had wasted so much time on.



Could be heard down the hall way for sure, (you feel me? :)

There I was

Punching away on the keys with one hand while jamming a sandwich down with the other ...

Then it happened ... The "B" key on my laptop quit working, it was wornBee!

Illuminated neon letter "B"

Photo by Maximalfocus / Unsplash

Now I don't know about you, but getting anything done without "B" is pretty hard in the computer world.

Things needed change ...

It hit me then... I needed to slow down, I had spent more time with design and god knows what else, jumping host to host, wasting time that I should have been spending writing content and acually helping people.

{I was trying everything but doing nothing}

I wasn't blogging, I was building websites that were heading nowhere without me committing fully.

In this moment I decided it's time to start over, with discipline, and a plan.

I was going to start fresh and fully committed.

My new blog would be called wornBee to remind me of that damn missing "B" and my new blogging start.

This about page was the first thing I worked on, I knew that when the path started to become unclear and I started losing focus on the blog I could come to this very page, read it and recenter myself.

This page is for both of us, come back if you ever find yourself losing focus on your blog and recenter!

I find the right niche ...

Here was one of my biggest problems, It started to become a chore to actually write a blog plan, post, or even do keyword research for my other sites.

Let's just agree to say I was spinning my wheels way too much, too fast and I was getting NOWHERE!

Yup, just going around and around, getting nothing really accomplished on my blogs.

I was in the wrong niche ...

I know cars but I can't write great content about cars, does that even make sense? :/

I realized  I needed passion for what I was writing about.

For me trying to put down on paper what I can do with my hands was a hard task that I finally accepted was never going to work.

I needed new direction, something fresh that I knew a bit about but was still a hobby.

BLOGGING! ... That's it! That's my niche!

My perfect blog niche was right in my lap the whole time, and that is what this website is all about.

Through my personal experience, stories of trail and error, and countless hours of research, this website is here to help you start a website from nothing, or make your existing site better.

What about offline? Outside the blog?

Outside the online world I'm a regular guy with a family, I enjoy spending time with my kids and wife and learning whatever I can... about, well... Whatever I can I guess!

I love reading and learning, yard work, cars, and guitars.

I like beer and good food.

I really love blogging and online business:)

Some of my other interests:

  • Home projects
  • Stock trading
  • Playing guitar
  • Gardening
  • Science
  • Fishing

Made it this far huh?

Whew! Let's get back to bloggin' ... I'm blabbing here!

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    Best wishes, Jerry  wornBee.com