5 Awesome Keyword Research Tips: Find Keywords That Rock!

5 Awesome Keyword Research Tips: Find Keywords That Rock!

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords ….

Love it or hate it, keyword research is a serious divider between people that make money online and the people that don't.

I have said time and time again … Keyword research is something that you really WANT to learn how to get good at.

Lucky for us, there are some quick tips and tricks that will help you find keywords that will boost your online business or blog to new heights.

A plan for a successful blog drawn out

Let's dive right in to 5 great tips to get you started with some killer keyword research!


Keyword Research Tips

#1. It Needs To Make Sense …

Here's the deal, people pick up on much more than you think when reading your blog.

If you are writing content stuffed with a keyword that is awkward and makes no grammatical sense, your readers will pick up on it … Either consciously or subconsciously.

When using keyword research tools it can be tempting to target keywords based just on the numbers.

This is a big mistake, it only portrays that you are simply targeting any old word to get some rankings, it comes off as awkward, not only that … Google does check content for such activity and bashes sites that partake in this strategy.

screen shot of keyword research

Take a look above …

Take a look above … I punched “FINDING KEYWORDS” into my keyword research tool.

You can see some great keywords that bring decent traffic and would be great to target in a quality article.

The second one down may be exciting at first glance …


Let's look at the numbers …

  1. 153 Average searches per month
  2. 27 Expected visitors if ranked on first page of Google
  3. 70 QSR ( competing sites ranked for this exact keyword )
  4. Has a “great rating on overall ranking quality
  5. Plus you can get a domain in.com.net and.org!

What's Not To Love?

The numbers point to a low competition keyword that will bring some traffic, the issue is that keyword is crap … Yeah I said it, unfortunately it's CRAP.

How can you place that keyword in an article without sounding like you are trying? It simply does not make grammatical sense.

Imagine This Line …

“Today I'm going to show you a find keywords tool.”

Do you see what I mean?

Sometimes the numbers don't account for the readers experience, YOU SHOULD !

Remember … QUALITY >>> QUALITY >>> QUALITY … Above all else if you want success.

Check Out My Favorite Keyword Research Tool Here!

#2. Let's Talk Traffic …

This one sounds obvious but can sometimes be overlooked, the keywords you are going to target NEED TO HAVE SOME TRAFFIC!

Here's the thing with traffic however, there is a range that you want to target when trying to build “authority” with a new website.

Let's Open Jaxxy And Take A Look …

Jaxxy keyword search screenshot

Traffic is what everyone is targeting with their online business.

Traffic equals profit in the long run. One mistake that many beginners make is going for just search terms with the most traffic.

Above is a search in Jaxxy for “Dress shoes,” You can definitely see that the exact term gets a TON of traffic … 10,526 searches a month roughly.


This may be the first thing you think when seeing this data, this keyword sounds great. It would not be your best bet when trying to gain traction with your new online business however.

Here's the deal … Traffic also means there is a lot competition for that term. Other more established websites are ranking for the term simply because they have more “authority” in Google and other search engines.

This makes it very difficult to get on the first page of Google or any other search engine's number one page for that specific keyword.

#3. Start Smaller …

women in red high heels

Check out the term “Red dress shoes.” This term get's much less traffic 349 searches a month, it also has a QSR (or competition rating) of 28 as opposed to a 128 QSR for the term “Dress shoes”

Target keywords that get 10 to 100 searches a month to start out, this is the magic traffic number to get the ball rolling.

These keywords are not targeted by the huge more established sites.

This gives you a foot in to start building up your businesses authority, over time your websites reputation will grow and eventually you can target bigger more valuable keywords.

#4. Using Google Instant …

Everyone that uses Google should be familiar with “Google instant.”

Anytime you start to input a search term into Google, the words that automatically follow your phrase before you are done typing are what Google recognizes as terms people are searching for at the time .. Trending terms.

This can provide great insight to the web as a whole, knowing what people are searching for in your niche is a critical asset that simply CAN NOT BE OVERLOOKED!

It's getting cold here on the east coast so let's take a look at a common term that people may be looking up …

google screenshot of the term best snow blower

“Best Snow Blower”

That's the term I punched in to start … Take a look at what Google tells us here …

========== >

Understand that these terms are being searched in Google right now. This is your golden ticket to start getting more traffic and ultimately making money online.

Again Jaxxy Comes To The Rescue

Now that we have some relative terms that we KNOW are being searched in the web, we can start to do some research on a higher level to narrow down terms in our niche that we can write about.

Remember however, the ultimate goal is being 100% quality with your articles. There are no shortcuts here, you need to bring your A game to the table if you ever expect to make any cash online.

I have a gravel driveway, I can relate to a situation where I would want to know what the best snow blower is for that purpose.

Let's Get The Data In Jaxxy …

Jaxxy really came through on this one! … Decent traffic and a very low competition (QSR) of 13 !

Screen shot of a Jaxxy keyword search

This is a great keyword to target in an article if your niche can relate to snow removal or outdoor power equipment.

You can help people decide what the best option is for their driveway through YOUR EXPERIENCE and expertise on the subject.

You Can Start Free!

Look …. I don't wanna throw some random plug in here, I feel like I would be short-changing you if I failed to let you know about Jaxxy.

I use it, pure and simple because it really is awesome … Not only that, everything I teach about making online cash can be learned and applied by you or anyone else with ambition and some work ethic.

I Guess This Is My Number 5 Tip …

When it comes to keywords, you need a quality tool that breaks down the data so you are not wasting time writing articles that even your grandmother would not find online.


If you are writing answer is yes I highly recommend you do TWO THINGS TODAY …

Listen … The fact is when starting out you need some guidance unless you want to waste a TON of time figuring everything out on your own.

Building a business online is just as much work as building a brick and mortar business, yes the dynamics are different but the work involved is just as hard in the end.

There is nothing to lose here …

The starter membership is free, this is great because you may find out as you get started you don't want to do what it takes to start an online business.

Don't like it? Simply stop … No money spent and move on. Love it? Upgrade to a premium membership and start this thing off right.

Killer Keywords Are Just The Beginning …

Remember … You can do this …. Anyone can with some hard work, and training.

Online business offers such a diverse and enriching experience that really isn't matched by any other field.

I hope some of these tips give you the motivation to take the first steps to build your business online, or update your existing business to new heights. The key is to keep going, keep researching, and above all else …. KEEP TRYING TO BRING VALUE TO YOUR READERS.